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一、翻译短语 1.支持慈善机构 2.最大的筹款活动之一 3.作为……出名

4.把他们自己分成四人一组 5.一次极好的机会 6.在活动期间 7.使你保持舒适 8.拖者疲惫的身体 9.看不起 10.需要帮助的人 11.注意天气 12.至少

13.给你带来食物和水 14.欣赏乡村的美景 15.错过机会 16.玩捉迷藏 17.—被用来帮助穷人 18.不睡觉


( )1.It’s nice to go______ a walk________ a spring evening. A.to; in B.at; on C.to; on D. for; on ( )2.---Our plane is flying__________ a mountain now. ---Yes, I can see the white top.

A. across B. through C.over D.under ( )3.--- Is it far away from this village to that one? ---Yes,it is .You have to walk a ___________tail.

A.five-meters B. five meters C. five-meter D.five meter ( )4.I need _________ people to help me

A.three another B.more three C. three others D.three more ( )5.Oxfam Trailwalk__________ in November every year.

A is taken place B. will happen C. takes place D.take plane ( )6.The money _________ poor people in need.

A.is used to helping B. is used to helpC.used to help Dused for helping ( )7.I heard her_______when I came in last night A. was singing B singing . C.sang D. to sing

( )8.-Have you written anything on Chinese traditional food so far? -__________, but I have a plan for it.

A. Ever since B. Later on C. Not yet D. From now on

( )9.The old man lives ____ in a _____ house, but he doesn’t feel_____. A. alone, alone, lonely B. lonely, lonely, alone C. alone, lonely, lonely D. alone, lonely, alone

( )10. She looks sad because she ______________ in the class.

A. looks down on B. is look down C. looks down D.is looked down on


.根据句意以及首字母或给汉语提示完成单词。 1. Don’t worry.I can finish the work w_________ any help.

2. Only team finishing time will be r______________.

3. Look, it’s rainy today,You’d better take an u_____________ with you.

4. Mr Black is very busy on w_________.You can go to see him on Sunday or Saturday. 5. Lots of people became h_________ because of the war.

6. In the class,we are often ____________(分组) into six teams to practice our spoken English. 7. We should try our best to finish the work___________(在---之内) 12 hour. 8. I’m ______________(训练) for the coming sports meeting. 9. He often helps the elderly ___________(过) the road. 10. If you are new here, you can get ___________(迷失) easily.

能力提升: 一、阅读理解

When you are reading something in English, you may often meet with a new word. What’s the best way to know it?

You may look it up in the English-Chinese dictionary. It will tell you a lot about the word: the pronunciation, the Chinese meaning and how to use the word. But how can know where the word D. all English-Chinese dictionary are the same


1. He’s already done his homework. (改为否定句)

____________________________________________________________________________ 2. .He often helps the charity by donating sth. (对划线部分提问)

is thousands of English words? How to find it in the dictionary both quickly and correctly? First, all the English words are arranged(安排) in the letter order. In the dictionary youcan first see the words beginning with letter A, then B, C, D?. That means, if there are two words “desert” and “pull”, “desert” will be certainly before “pull”. Then if there are two words both beginning with the same letter, you may look at the second letter.

Then the third, the fourth… For example, “pardon” is before “plough”, “judge” before “just”, etc. Do you understand how to look up in the dictionary?

The dictionary will be your good friend. I hope you’ll use it as often as possible in your English study.

1. This passage is about______.

A. new words in writing B. different dictionaries

C. the best way of reading D. using an English-Chinese dictionary 2. In the dictionary you may not find_______.

A. how to pronounce the word B. the spelling of the word C. who used the word first D. how to use the word 3. In an English-Chinese dictionary, the last word______.

A. begins with Z B. begins with A C. is a short one D. is not often used 4. Which group of words is in the right order in an English-Chinese dictionary? A. perhaps, produce, plenty B. straight, subject, surprise C. century, center, business D. foreign, entrance, headache 5. In the passage the writer tries to tell us that_______.

A. we have to use a dictionary when we read something in English B. an English-Chinese dictionary can tell us everything about a word C. an English-Chinese dictionary can help us a lot in our English study

____________________________________________________________________________ 3. I’ve known him since he came here. (对划线部分提问)

____________________________________________________________________________ 4. He feels a bit lonely from time to time. (对划线部分提问)

____________________________________________________________________________ 5. I will send a message to you if it is necessary(同义句)

____________________________________________________________________________ 6. Playing hide-and-seek with friends is every interesting.( 同义句)

____________________________________________________________________________ 7. It’s important for him to read English often.(同义句)

____________________________________________________________________________. 8 She was once a good dancer. (同义句))

____________________________________________________________________________ 9.我认为他不可能在8小时之内穿过3个城市公园。

____________________________________________________________________________. 10 这笔钱是用来帮助玉树地震中的孩子们的


拓展延伸 一、选词填空。

1. He ______________ want to eat fast food ______________. 1.Kite Festival___________________ in March in our town every year. 2.What can we learn from the charity walk? ____________________. 3.They _____________take a bus home because it was raining.

4.The disabled shouldn’t____________________________.

5________________8 country parks is not easy for the young students.

6.The man __________________a great hero at that time.

7.Our teacher asked us___________________our handwriting.

8.It’s much__________to have support team than to bring food and drinks.

9.My home is _______________the school, so it takes me only a few nimutes to get to school.

10.-----__________would you like to have?------Some more apples.

11.All of us should raise____________500 yuan .



Beijing University Library

To Susan Chan,

Just to remind(提醒) you. You have four overdue (逾期未还的) books.

Title Writer

Rose Meets Mr. Wintergarten Bob Graham due 22/1

My Friend Whale Simon James due 23/1

Edward the Emu Sheena Knowles due 24/1

Imagine Alison Lester due 25/1

Please return these tomorrow. Other people may be waiting to borrow them.

Mrs. Josie Jones Librarian

Date 3/2/2003

Note: You may not borrow any new books until these books have been returned.

Information Card for the letter

1. From

2. To

3. Purpose (目的) to write the letter

4. Amount (数量) of the overdue books

5. Due time to return Imagine

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