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一. 单项选择。(10分)

( )1 _______ people use money? No, they won’t. Everything will be free.

A Will B Do C Does D Did ( )2 ______ trees make _____ pollution.

A More; fewer B More; less C Less; fewer D Less; less

( )3 The old lady lives _______ in the mountain, but she doesn’t feel ______.

A alone; lonely B lonely; alone C alone; lonely D lonely; alone ( )4 Will paper money ________ in the hundred years?

A use B be use C uses D be used ( )5 --What do you usually do _______ on weekends?

--I often go to the movies and sometimes play games with my sister.

A for funny B for fun C to fun D for good time ( )6 I can’t believe ______ a rich man that have a _____ hard heart. A such; so B so; so C such; such D so; such ( )7 People _____ do the dangerous work one day.

A don’t B didn’t C doesn’t D won’t

( )8 May _________ to somewhere interesting when she grows up. Ⅱ.根据汉语意思,将英文句子补充完整。(10分) 1.他们正在电话中谈论此事。

They are _________ _________it _________ _________ _________. 2.前天我爸爸和他的朋友吵架了。

My father _________ _________his friend the day before yesterday. 3.或许你可以征询一下他们的意见。

_________ you could _________them _________some advice. 4.你和约翰相处得融洽吗?

Are you _________ _________ _________ _________John? 5.不要总是拿我和别的孩子相比较。

Don’t always_________ me _________other children.

6.My friend’s haircut is _________ _________(更流行).I want to be cooler than him. 7.—_________ _________(怎么了) with you? —I’ve got a headache. Ⅲ.句型转换(10分)

1. You should write him a letter.(改为否定句) You _________write a letter_________ him. 2. He asked when we should leave.(改为简单句) He asked us when _________ _________. 3. It took me $50 to buy the ticket.(改为同义句) I _________$50 _________the ticket.

4. We will go home after we get it back.(改为同义句) We _________go home _________we get it back. 5. I’m very upset at the news, too.(改为否定句) I’m _________very upset at the news, _________.


假设你叫Colin,想上网去查些对学习有益的资料,但是你的父母坚决反对,他们认为你会打游戏、聊天,请你给你的姑姑写封信,让她给你些建议。 Dear aunt,


Yours, Colin


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