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1. It’s fifty dollars _____ all. A. in B. for C. to

2. Here is your drink. _________ A. Thank you. B. No, I don’t C. Sure

3. It’s going ____ soon. A. rain B. raining C. to rain

4. I _____ the park and ____ a funny day there. A. go, had B. went, had C. went, have

5. Look! The birds are flying ____. A. away B. out C. at

6. Hold _____ to the balloons, please. A. of B. on C. at

7. Koalas _____ Australia. A. live in B. lives in C. to live in

8. I’m interested ___ that. A in B. on C. at

9. They usually _____ supper at six o’clock. A. have B. has C. having

10. Helen Keller couldn’t see and couldn’t hear. So she was _____

A. a teacher B. clever C. blind and deaf

答案1—5 AACBA 6—10 BAAAC

二、选词填空eat, see, buy, go to, drink, send, are, is, write, give Yesterday, I __1___ Xinghai Park with my parents. I __2____ lots of people there. There ___3__ beautiful flowers. We __4___ hamburgers and sausages. We __5__ orange juice. I __6___ three ice-creams. I ___7___ them to my parents. When I came back home, I __8____ a letter to Daming and ___9___ some pictures to him. I ___10___ very happy yesterday.

答案1, went 2, saw 3, were 4, ate 5, drank 6, bought 7, gave 8, wrote 9, sent 10, was


I am in a (火车)_______. I am looking out of the (窗户)________. It is (下雨)_____. The pigs are(睡觉)_______ under the(树)________. People are carrying (雨伞)________. A man is wearing a big hat. And a (雨衣)_________ and a pair of (雨鞋)________. (孩子们)_________ are (玩耍)__________ in the water.

答案1. train 2, window 3, raining 4, sleeping 5, tree 6, umbrella 7, raincoat 8, rain shoes 9, window 10, playing


1. wet, got, we, very (.)

2. it’s , to rain, going because (.)

3. the, went, to, we, library (.)

4. shining, the, is, sun (.)

5. I’m , looking, the, of, window, out, (.)

答案:1. We got very wet. 2. Because it’s going to rain.3. We went to the library. 4. The sun is shining. 5. I’m looking out of the window.


Before there were people in the world there were dinosaurs. Some dinosaurs were very, very big. They were big like houses. Some dinosaurs 1

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