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I. Read and write. 根据句意及首字母提示,完成句子。(5分)

us English.

a kite?

in winter.

II. Read and choose. 选择填空。(10分)

( ) 1. My mother went out. I must my little brother.

A. look after B. look at C. look for D. look like

( ) 2. What time your sister lunch?

A. did, have B. do, has C. does, have D. do, have

( ) 3. What’s the matter your watch?

A. to B. with C. for D. at

( ) 4. What time did you leave weekend?

A. to home, on B. home, at C. to home, at D. home, on

( ) 5. We can get there tomorrow morning.

A. to B. at C. / D. in

( ) 6. What your brother do ? He’s a worker.

A. is B. does C. do D. did

( ) 7. There is time! It’s too A. some, late B. some, much C. no, late D. no, early

( ) 8. Listen! The girls in the next room.

A. doesn’t sing B. sing C. singing D. are singing

( ) 9. Did you your clothes on Sunday?

A. washing B. washed C. wash D. washes

( ) 10. This dog’s tail is long. That dog’s tail is

A. longer B. long C. heavy D. heavier

III. Read and match. 从右栏中选出左栏句子的相应答语。(5分)

( ) 1. How many toys can you see? A. I’m going to swim.

( ) 2. Can I have an apple? B. It’s on the desk.

( ) 3. What are you going to do? C. I can see four.

( ) 4. Where is your book? D. They’re theirs.

( ) 5. Whose rulers are they? E. Yes, you can.

A: Hello, Zhang Peng. What’s the weather like in spring here? B:

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