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下册Unit3 Last weekend B Let's learn,let's talk

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Last weekend I went to the zoo. What did you do ? I fed the bears and crocodiles. And the baby kangaroo. What did you do on Saturday? What did you do? Tell me what you did last night. And I’ll tell you what I did,too.

What did he /she do yesterday?

What did the girl do last Monday?

What did the boy do yesterday?

What did your mother do yesterday?

What did John’s uncle do yesterday afternoon?

? ? ? ? ?

Tasks 1.Listen to the new words. 2.Listen again and repeat in a low voice. 3.Listen for the third time and repeat loudly. 4.Read in groups and underline the words you can’t read.

went to a park

went swimming

read a book went fishing went hiking

Which word you can’t read ?


? Read the words in groups. ? Make sentences and do the action with these words. What did you do yesterday?
e.g. I went swimming yesterday. My father went hiking with me last week. We read a book last night. …… …… ……

? Which group wants to have a try?

What’s your opinion about their show? (评价)
? ? ? ? ? Are they natural? (自然?) Are they right? (正确?) Are they aloud? (响亮?) Are they cooperative? (合作默契?) Are they creative? (创新?)

I think...

went swimming go →
[went] 去了游泳(过去式) 区别:want(想要)

Did the man play football yesterday? No,he didn’t.

went fishing go →

go →

went to a park

What did they do last Sunday?

go →

went hiking

Did the girl play the violin yesterday? No,she didn’t.


read a book

[red] 看了书(过去式)
read(过去式)同音词 red(红色的)

全班看提示并做动作, 两同学上台抢答。

What did your uncle do yesterday? What What did did they he do do yesterday? last Sunday? What did he do yesterday?

1\2 3\4 1\2 3\4 1\2

Last weekend I went to a park. What did you do? Last weekend I went swimming. What did you do? Last weekend I went hiking. What did you do? Last weekend I went fishing. What did you do? Last weekend I read a book. What did you do

Answer the questions(word cards)
Did he \she …yesterday? Yes ,he\she\did. No,he\she didn’t.

B Let’s talk Watch the video carefully then answer the questions: 1.What did Mike do yesterday? He went fishing. 2.Did Mike clean the room yesterday? No,he didn’t.

Which sentence you can’t read ?

Can you recite “B Let’s talk”? Teacher: What did you do yesterday? Mike:I went fishing. Teacher: Did you read books? Mike:Yes, I did . Teacher: Did you clean your room? Mike:No, I didn’t .


? Read the passage in groups.

? Which group wants to have a try?

Read aloud together.

笔记 1.Did you read books?(你看书了吗?) 一般过去时态的一般疑问句结构: Did +任何主语+动词原形+其他+﹖ 肯定回答:Yes,…did. 否定回答:No,…didn’t.
翻译: 1、你昨天去

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