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Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following text.For each blank there are four choices marked A,B,C and D.Choose the ONE that best fills the blank.

Being alone in outer space can be frightening.That is one reason why astronauts on solo (单独的) space flights were given plenty of work to keep them__1__.They were also in constant communication with people on the earth__2__,being with people from whom you cannot get away might be even harder than being alone.This is what happens on long submarine (潜水艇) voyages.It will also happen on__3__space flights in the future.Will there be special problems of adjustment under such conditions?

Scientists have studied the reactions of men to one another during long submarine voyages.They have found that the longer the voyage lasts,the more serious the problem of__4___is.When men are___5__together for a long period,they begin to feel uneasy.Everyone has little habits of speaking and behaving that are ordinarily acceptable.In the limited space over a long period of time,however,these little habits may become very___6___.

Apparently,although no one wants to be___7__all the time,everyone needs some degree of privacy.When people are enclosed together,they are in what is called a stress situation.That means that they are under an unusual amount of___8__or stress.

People who are well adjusted are able to___9__stress situations better than others.That is one reason why so much care is taken in___10__our astronauts.These men undergo a long period of testing and training.One of the things tested is their behavior under stress.

( )1.A.tired B.asleep C.conscious D.busy

( )2.A.So far B.After all C.However D.Therefore

( )3.A.long B.fast C.dangerous D.direct

( )4.A.fuel B.entertainment C.adjustment D.health

( )5.A.shut up B.held up C.brought up D.picked up

( )6.A.pleasing B.annoying C.common D.valuable



( )7.A.noisy B.alone C.personal D.sociable

( )8.A.emphasis B.conflict C.power D.pressure

( )9.A.handle B.create C.affect D.investigate

( )10.A.becoming B.choosing C.ordering D.promoting


Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following text.For each blank there are four choices marked A,B,C and D.Choose the ONE that best fills the blank.

I got a job teaching special education at a school in Coachella,California,a desert town about 170 miles from home.It was no__1__job.Street gangs__2__around the school after dark.

“Be careful!” Dad warned me during one of my frequent weekend__3__home.He was concerned about my living__4__,but I needed to be on my own.

One evening,I stayed after school to rearrange my classroom__5__,I turned out the light and closed the door.Then I__6__toward the gate.It was__7__! I looked around.Everyone had gone home.

After__8__all the exits,I found just enough__9__to squeeze under a gate in the back of the school.Then I walked toward my car,parked in a field behind the building.

Suddenly I heard voices.I__10__around and saw at least eight boys following me__11__my pace,I reached into my shoulder bag to get my key.I__12__all over the inside of my handbag.But the key wasn't__13__! Dear Lord,please help me,I prayed__14__.Suddenly,my fingers touched a loose key in my purse.I didn't even know if it was for my car,but I took it out and__15__it.It worked!

I opened the door,slid in and locked it—just__16__the teenagers surrounded the car.Trembling,I started the engine and__17__away.When I returned to my apartment,the phone was ringing.It was my Dad.I didn't tell him about my experience; I didn't want to__18__ him.“Oh,I forgot to tell you! ” He said,“I had a(n) __19__car key made and slipped it into your purse—just__20__you ever need it.”

( ) 1.A.dream B.difficult C.exciting D.heavy

( ) 2.A.came B.robbed C.hung D.fought

( ) 3.A.parties B.holidays C.visits D.driving



( ) 4.A.happily B.far C.nearby D.alone

( ) 5.A.Tired B.Finished C.Frightened D.Hungry

( ) 6.A.headed B.rushed C.looked D.wandered

( ) 7.A.closed B.locked C.stuck D.opened

( ) 8.A.checking B.searching C.trying D.following

( ) 9.A.time B.ground C.strength D.room

( ) 10.A.glared B.glanced C.walked D.turned

( ) 11.A.quickening B.slowing C.shortening D.timing

( ) 12.A.turned B.touched C.felt D.looked

( ) 13.A.there B.lost C.used D.inside

( ) 14.A.loudly B.nervously C.carefully D.silently

( ) 15.A.pushed B.turned C.tried D.opened

( ) 16.A.as B.after C.until D.while

( ) 17.A.ran B.escaped C.drove D.went

( ) 18.A.displease B.surprise C.cheat D.worry

( ) 19.A.extra B.useful C.special D.excellent

( ) 20.A.even if B.on condition that C.in case D.in time


(一):1—5 DCACA 6—10 BBDAB

(二):1—5 ACCDB 6—10 ABADB 11—15 ACADC 16—20 ACDAC


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