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PEP下册英语Unit 3 Last Weekend (Part C)

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Last weekend I went to the zoo. What did you do ? I fed the bears and crocodiles. And the baby kangaroo. What did you do on Saturday? What did you do? Tell me what you did last night. And I’ll tell you what I did,too.


Let’s check

Good to know
1.No fishing.(禁止钓鱼) 2.No swimming. (禁止游泳)
3.No dogs peeing. (禁止狗小便) [’pi:??] 4.No dogs pooing.(禁止狗大便) [’pu:??] 5.No smoking. (禁止吸烟) ['sm?uki?] 6.No parking. (禁止停车)

How was your weekend ?(你的周末过得怎样?) It was a busy one. (它是繁忙的一个周末。)

Story time
Please watched the video then answer the questions: 1.What did zoom do last weekend? He….(回答多个动词过去式短语) 2.Was zoom’s weekend busy? Yes,it was. 3.Did zoom want another weekend? Yes ,he did.

笔记: 1.How was your weekend ?你的周末过得怎样? It was a busy one. 是繁忙的一个周末。 2. I need another weekend.我需要另一个周末。 another an+other另一……

1、完成《优化设计》P20---P21的习题。 2、听音跟读part C,背诵A Let’s read. 3、复习Unit 2

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