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北师大版英语9年级上册Lesson 12 What

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Lesson 12 What’s your favorite movie?


1. influence n. & v. 影响

He is a man of some influence in the government circles. 他是个在政府内有一定势力的人。 Listening to the music has a calming influence on her. 听音乐对她起了一种镇静的作用。 His parents no longer have any real influence over him. 他的父母对他不再有任何真正的约束力了。

Those so-called friends of hers are a bad influence on her. 她那些所谓的朋友对她的影响很坏.

【辨析】 affect, effect, influence

affect 与 effect 均可表示“影响”,其区别是:前者是动词(及物),主要指一时的影响,着重影响的动作,可指一般意义的影响(不分好坏),也可指不良影响;后者是名词(可数或不可数),两者的关系大致为:affect=have an effect on.如:

To affect a policy is to have an effect on it. 影响一项政策就是对该政策具有一种影响。 The news did not affect her at all.=The news had no effect on her at all. 这条消息对她没有一点影响。

注:effect 有时虽用作动词(及物),但不表示“影响”,而表示“实现”或“产生”等。如: They affected their escape in the middle of the night. 他们半夜逃脱了。

He effected great changes in the company. 他使公司发生了巨大的变化。

2.influence 表示“影响”,主要指对行为、性格、观点等产生间接的或潜移默化的影响。可用作动词(及物)或名词(通常不可数,但有时可连用不定冠词)。如:

What you read influences your thinking. 你读的东西对你的思想有影响。

Television has a strong influence on people. 电视对人有很大的影响。

It’s clear that her painting has been influenced by Picasso. 她的画显然受了毕加索的影响。


Don’t let me

Answer: influence

2. have influence on 对...有影响

1. Vibration is one of the important factors that have influence on elevator performance. 摘要电梯振动是影响电梯使用效果的重要因素之一。

2. The purpose of this study is to investigate the factors that have influence on Information Department's power.



his or her attraction to others. Answer: have influence on

3. fan n. 狂热者,爱好者,扇子

1. My boss is a football fan.


2. You wanna see me play the fan?


3. This is his FAN MAIL address.


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