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北师大版英语9年级下册Lesson 26 She didn

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Lesson 26 She didn’t like it because it was too high. 要点精析

1. leap n. & v. 跳,跳跃

1. He crossed the garden in three leaps.


2. I leap for joy at the good news.



His name Answer: leapt

2. fable n. 寓言

1. "Children, gather round, and Miss Alice will tell you a fable."


2. It was so clearly a moral fable.




Answer: fable

3. frog n. 青蛙

1. The witch changed the prince into a frog.


2. Frog increases by laying eggs.



! Yes, it is.

Answer: frog

4. well n. 井

The police found the lost treasure in an abandoned well.


5. wetland n. 潮湿的土壤,沼泽地

1. Any of certain other wetland areas, such as a fen, having a peat substrate. 沼泽地区任一种其它的湿地,有泥炭底面,如沼泽

2. What are Appropriate Regulatory Guidelines for Wetland Parks in China? 中国湿地公园规划有哪些适当规范?


Answer: wetland

6. milkmaid n. 挤牛奶的女孩

1. All the cows died in the fire because they were barred in by the milkmaids. 由于被挤奶女工关了起来,奶牛在这次火灾中全被烧死了。

2. A milkmaid was going to the market.



was going to the market.

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