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北师大版英语9年级上册Lesson 20 The official language is English and the capital is London

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Lesson 20 The official language is English and the capital is London. 要点精析

1. kingdom n. 王国

1. The king is the most important person in a kingdom.


2. The queen saved her kingdom by marrying the king of another country.



comprises a vast and organized community system.

Answer: kingdom

2. consist v. 包含,组成,构成

1、不及物动词 vi. 由…组成(构成)

The United Nations Organization consists of over 160 nations. 联合国组织由一百六十多个国家组成。

The class consists of ten boys and twelve girls. 这个班由十个男孩和十二个女孩组成。 a farm consisting of 1, 500 mu 有一千五百亩土地的农场

All bodies consist of molecules and these of atoms. 一切物体都由分子组成,而分子由原子组成。 consist most (entirely) of 大半(全部)由…组成

A potato consists mainly of starch. 马铃薯的主要成分是淀粉。

2、不及物动词 vi. 合于;并存;一致

The students’ proposal consists with reason. 学生们的建议是合理的。

That consists with our principle. 那与我们的原则相一致。

Theory should consist with practice. 理论应与实践相一致。

3、不及物动词 vi. 在于

Happiness consists in trying to do one’s duty. 幸福在于履行自己的责任。

Our greatest happiness consists in serving the people. 我们最大的幸福就是为人民服务。


The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Answer: consists

3. king n. 国王,君主

1. What king belongs to a student?


2. They may be your last as king.


3. This kingdom needs a new king.


4. queen n.王后,女王

1. The queen consort has come together with the king.


2. The queen lies upon the floor.


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