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Unit 1练习

班级_______ 姓名 _______

一: 根据答句写问句

1. I usually go to bed at 9:50 p.m.

2. No, they read books every day.

3. Yes, I play computer in the evening.


No, I have breakfast at 7:20.

5. I do homework at school.

6. I go to school at 7:45 in the morning.

7. No, I don’t like Monday.

8. I usually play the piano on the weekend.

二: 补全对话. xkb1.com

Sarah: ___________________ on the weekend?

Mike: At 8:00. What about you?

Sarah: I usually get up at 7:30.

Mike: ______________________ on the weekend?

Sarah: I often do my homework and watch TV. _____________________________? Mike: I often read books and play computer games. __________ I go hiking. Let’s

go hiking together next Sunday.

Sarah: _________________.



( )1: ____ do you usually go to school?

A: what B: where c: when

( ) 2: what sports do you like? ________________________ A: Breakfast B: football C: My parents

( )3: Look! Many boys like playing ________ after class.

A: a basketball B: the basketball C: basketball

( )4: Look! The girl is playing _________.

A: a piano B: the piano C: piano

( )5: Students like playing _________.

A: sports B: the sport C: a sport


1. A: _________ do you get up? B: _________ 7:00.

2. A: _________ your favourite _________? B: I like apple.

3. A: What do you do _________ the evening?

B: I usually _________ the piano.

4. A: Thank you _________ telling me about your day!

B: ________ welcome.

5. A: ________ ________ any pictures on the wall?

B: No, there aren’t.

五: 补全对话。根据上下文的意思,在空格中填上适当的句子,使对话完整。

A: _______________________________? B: I usually go to school at 7:00. A: Do you have lunch at school? B: Yes, ___________.

A: _______________________________________?

B: We have rice, chicken and green beans for lunch on Mondays.

A: _______________________________________?

B: I usually go hiking on the weekend. _________________?


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