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2014年特岗教师招聘考试《小学英语》阅读理解题强化练习(六) Reading Comprehension

Directions:Read the following three passages.Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements.For each of them mere are four choices marked A,B,C and D.Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage you have just read.


It's not easy being a teenager—nor is it easy being the parent of a teenager.You can make your child feel angry,hurt,or misunderstood by what you say without realizing it yourself.It is important to give your child the space he needs to grow while making him realize that you'll still be there for him when he needs you.

Expect a lot from your child,just not everything.Except for health and safety problems,such as drug use or careless driving,consider everything else open to discussion,if your child is unwilling to discuss something,don't insist he tell you what's on his mind.The more you insist,the more likely that he'll clam up.Instead,let him attempt to solve (解决) things by himself.At the same time,remind him that you're always there for him if he seek advice or help.Show respect for your teenager's privacy(隐私).Never read his mail or listen in on personal conversations.

Teach your teenager that the family phone is for the whole family.If your child talks on the family's telephone for too long,tell him he can talk for 15 minutes,but then he must stay off the phone for at least an equal period of time.This frees up the line so that other family members can make and receive calls,teaches your teenager moderation(节制).Or if you are open to the idea,allow your teenager to have his own phone that he pays for with his own pocket money or a part time job.( )1.What should parents do in raising a teenager according to the text?

A.Not allow him to learn driving or take drugs.

B.Give him advice only when necessary.

C.Let him have his own telephone.

D.Not talk about personal things with him.

( )2.The main purpose of the text is to tell parents _________.

A.how to get along with a teenager

B.how to respect a teenager

C.how to understand a teenager

D.how to help a teenager grow up

赤峰人事考试信息网:http://chifeng.offcn.com 微博:@赤峰中公教育 微信:nmoffcn

赤峰人事考试信息网:http://chifeng.offcn.com 微博:@赤峰中公教育 微信:nmoffcn

赤峰人事考试信息网:http://chifeng.offcn.com 微博:@赤峰中公教育 微信:nmoffcn

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