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PEP8六年级下册unit4 A let's read课件

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Where did you go on your holiday?
We went to Canada on our holiday.

How did you go on your holiday?
We went by airplane on our holiday. What did you do on your holiday? We skied and made a snowman on our holiday.

Did you have a good time on your holiday? We had a lot of fun on our holiday.

Where did you go on your holiday?
Shaoxing Beijing Hangzhou Suzhou

What did you do on your holiday?
eat good food row a boat take pictures climb a mountain sing and dance

How did you go there?
by train by bus by ship by subway by plane

Who did you go with?
brother sister friends mother\mom father\dad

My holiday I went to ______ on my holiday. a restaurant with __________. cousins I went to ____________ I went there ________. on foot I _________________.( ate…) ate good food happy (happy, sad, bored, tired…) I was_______. I had a good time. I had fun.

had fun 开心 went to a restaurant cousins 去餐馆



Who did he go with? Where did he go on_______?

What did he do on _______?

his cousins 堂、表兄弟、姐妹


What day is tomorrow? Tomorrow is Friday.

went to a restaurant went to a park played ping-pong climbed a mountain will be back home

post card, letter, e-mail



收 件人 ____

寄 件人 ____

cat cow dog elephant mouse rabbit sheep tiger


start startling tart

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