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五年级英语下册Unit4 A.Let's talk课件ppt

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Unit 4 What Are You Doing?

(A. Let’s try & Let’s talk)



reading a book doing homework cooking dinner She is watching TV. I am reading a book. I am swimming. answering the phone doing the dishes Look,He this is Mickey. is flying kites. singing playing football I'm drawing drawing pictures pictures.


I can call my friends to come to Do you want to come Hello, Joyce. You can invite What are you doing? Mickey's Clubhouse with Bye. some friends to come. to my clubhouse ?me.

It’s Mickey.

To Chen Jie

Mickey sent a Dear letter Chen Jie, to Chen Jie. I have a clubhouse.

Chen Jie

Welcome to my clubhouse. And you can invite some friends to come. Yours, Mickey


Hi, Amy . It’s Chen Jie.
Chen Jie is calling up her friend.

Hello. Hi,John. It’s Zhang Peng. Hi, Zhang Peng. What are you doing? I’m doing the dishes. What are you doing?

I’m watching TV. Let's go to Mickey's clubhouse.


√ √

Listen and finish the dialogue.
: Hello.

: Hi, Sarah.



: Hi, John. What are you doing? : I am reading a book . What are you doing?

: I’m doing the dishes .

Hints(提示:圆形和方形 分别代表什么呢?)

A ball? A snowman? ... A book? A robot? ...


Hello, Zip. It’s ...

What is Zoom doing? What are you doing? He is swimming .
I'm ... Let's go to ...

I'm swimming.

Hi, ...

I'm playing with a robot.

I'm ...What are you doing?

What is Zip doing? OK. She is playing with a robot .

1. Choose one picture to write a paragraph . (选择一幅图,写一段话。)



2. Listen and read the dialogue in "A. Let's talk" for twice. (听、读"A. Let's talk" 的对话两次。)

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