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一. 选出你所听到的字母组合或单词,将其序号填在题前括号


( )1.DNT B.DNA C.SOS ( )2.UK B.USA C.PRC ( )3. A.wrong B.floor C.doorbell ( )4. A.trumpet B.party C.jump

( )5. A.shine B.shone C.shining 二. 看图 听音,标序号。(2×5=10分)

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 三.听对话,选择你所听到的答语,将其序号填在题前括号内。(2×5=10分)

( )1.A.It’s going to rain.

B.It’s going to be hot C.It’s going to be windy.

( )2 .A.It’s thirteen dollars

B.It’s thirty-two dollars. C.It’s forty dollars. ( )3. A.He is my grandfather.

B.She is my grandmother. C.She is my teacher.

( )4. A.Because she was a nurse.

B.Because it’s too cold. C.Because it’

s strong.

( )5. A.No,she didn’t . B.Yes,she does.

C.Yes,she learnt English.



例:vegetable(蔬菜) 1.dack (鸭子) 2.neisy(吵闹

的) vegetable ——— ——— 3.cant(美分) 4.cela(可乐 ) 5.mess(想念) ——— ——— ——— 6.boak(书本) 7.banane(香蕉) 8.hambueger(汗堡) ——— ——— ——— 9.care(卡片 ,贺卡) 10.moss(脏乱) ——— ———

( )2.She’s ____ her homework.

A.do B. did C.doing

( )3. The ____ are playing in the park. A.child B.childs C.children

( )4. Look! The balloons are flying ____ .

A.away B.up C.down

( )5.Who ____ help me. Sorry,I can’t.

A.can B.can’t C.should

九. 连词成句:(1×5=5分) 1.sun the is shining

_____________________________________ 2.are these ducks hungry very _____________________________________ 3.what you do want eat to (?) _____________________________________ 4.much how it is (?)

_____________________________________ 5.going I’m to chess play _____________________________________ 十. 情景会话。(2×5=10) ( )1.朋友口渴了,你应该怎样询问:

A. What do you want to drink? B.What do you want to eat?

Waitress: __________.Enjoy your meal!


Hi,my name is Simon.I’m Chinese,but I live in England.I

speak English very well,but I sometimes make mistakes!

Yesterday we went on a school visit to a farm.I was very

happy.I said I wanted to see a ship.Everyone looked

surprised and I didn’t know why.

My teacher said, “Simon.we are going to go to a farm,not to a lake or the sea.There are no ships at the farm.” Then I knew my mistake.I wanted to say “sheep”,the animal that says, “baa…,not “ship”,a big boat on the water! It was very funny.My friends laughed.Then we all said the words: “sheep,ship”! ( )1.Simon lives in China.

( )2.Simon makes mistakes in English. ( )3.Simon went to a sea.

( )4.There were ships at the farm. ( )5.Simon was happy.

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