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听力部分 每题连读两遍

一、 听录音,选出你所听到的句子中所包含的单词或词组。

( )1、A. failed B. feel

( )2、A. tired B.bored

( )3、A. younger B. stronger

( )4、A. sang B. saw

( )5、A.washed B. wash

二、 听录音,选出与录音内容相符的图片。


( )1、

A.How did you go to Xinjiang? B.Where did you go on your holiday?

( )2、A. No, he doesn’t. B. No, he didn’t.

( )3、A. How does Liu Yun feel? B. What’s the matter, Liu Yun ?

( )4、A. I’m 164 cm tall. B. I’m 46 kg..

( )5、A. I went to Mohe Park B. I washed my clothes



( )1. John isn’t from China.

( )2. John went to Beijing last weekend.

( )3. John went to Kunming by plane.

( )4. John climbed a mountain in Beijing.

( )5 John likes China.

笔试部分 10


( )1、A. cold B. headache C. bored

( )2、A. thinner B. smaller C. bigger

( )3、A. throat B. hurt C. head

( )4、A. yesterday B. last Monday C. tomorrow

( )5、A.washed B. watched C. wash


1、What’s the matter? My finger ______

2、 .

I was in Xinjiang last week. I ______ and ______ with my friends

3、Did you

last weekend ? No, I didn’t.



( ) 1、did youlast weekend ?

A、What go B、Where go C、Where do

( ) 2.A: did you go to Zhejiang last year? B: By plane.

A. What B. Where C. How

( ) 3.I am 160cm. Amy is 162 cm. Amy is ______ than me.

A .taller B.shorter C.heavier

( ) 4.She ______to school on foot yesterday.

A. goes B.went C. go

( ) 5. Did you your room last weekend?

A. clean B.cleaned C. cleans


John didn’t go to school this morning. He was sick. He had a headache and a sore nose. He had a fever, too. The doctor gave(给)him some medicine. He must drink hot drinks and stay in bed, too. Then he will feel better soon.

( )1. John didn’t go to school this afternoon.

( )2. John had a fever.

( )3. The doctor didn’t give John any medicine.

( )4. John must drink cold drinks.

( )5. John will feel better soon.


Amy and Sarah are good friends. Amy is thirteen years old. She is one year older than Sarah. She is one hundred and sixty cm and fifty- one kg. She is shorter and heavier than Sarah. She is three cm shorter than Sarah. But she is three kg heavier than Sarah. On the holiday Amy went to Qingdao. She bought presents for Sarah. But Sarah went to visit her aunt . They were both happy.



(1)you , the , wash , did ,clothes

(2)so , you , look , tired , today

(3)did , what, do you the , on, weekend

(4) am , I , 5, taller, cm, you, than

(5) heavy, how, are, you

2 .根据实际情况回答问题。

(1)What did your father do yesterday?

(2)Did your mother wash the clothes last night?

(3)Where did you go on your holiday?

(4)How tall is your father?

(5)How do you feel today? Xk b1 .Com



一. 听录音,选出你所听到的句子中所包含的单词或词组。

1. A: I’m sad today. I failed the English test .

B: I’m sorry to hear that.

2. A: How do you feel today?

B: I am so tired.

3. Sarah is 13 years old . John is 12 years old. John is younger than Sarah.

4. On the holiday,I went to Xinjiang. I sang and danced with my new friends.

5. Did your mother wash the clothes yesterday? Yes, she did.


1. A: What did you do last weekend?

B: I cleaned the room.

2. A: How does John feel today?

B: He is excited.

3. This dog is stronger and heavier.

4. A: How did you go to Beijing?

B: I went by train.

5. Last weekend I went to Harbin. I went skiing there.


1. I went by plane.

2. Did your father watch TV last night?

3. I have a cold.

4. How heavy are you?

5. Where did you go last weekend?


It was a long holiday. Every day, I had fun with my cousins. On Monday we went to a restaurant. We ate good food. On Tuesday, we went to a park. We sang and danced. On Wednesday, we went swimming. On Thursday, we climed a mountain.We took many pictures. On Friday, we read books. We were very happy.


John is a student. He is from Canada. Last Saturday, he went to Beijjing with his parents. In Beijing, they ate good food and learned Chinese. On Sunday, they went to Kunming by plane. They saw elephants and climbed a mountain. They took many pictures. They like China very much.

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