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Reading Comprehension

Directions:Read the following three passages.Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements.For each of them mere are four choices marked A,B,C and D.Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage you have just read.


It's 7:45 in the morning,and 26 year old Steve Clarkson is going to work.He puts on his jacket,and picks up his mobile phone and laptop.As he leaves the house,he turns on his MP3 player and puts on his headphone.He is ready to go.

Today,for millions of people,gadgets like Clarkson's are a normal part of life.“I'm a reporter for a magazine,and I'm usually not in the office.My mobile phone and laptop help me to do my work both on the road and at home,”says Clarkson.Today many people can check emails,send messages,or surf the Web,using their mobile phones.

Tina Fang is studying photography in New York City.“Some of these gadgets are expensive,but they can save your money in the long run.I have a digital camera.I can use it to take eighty pictures and shoot video (record an image onto video) at the same time.I listen to music on my MP3 player,and I can download and read books on it,too.I use the camera and MP3 for both learning and fun.”

It's now 9:45.Steve Clarkson gets an e-mail from his 17yearold sister.She has a gadget that lets her send e mails,play games and take notes.She is in class right now.“I've mailed her back.I told her to stop playing,and pay attention,” laughs Clarkson,“These gadgets are fun,but sometimes they can distract(分散注意力) people,too.”

( )1.What is Steve Clarkson?

A.A student

B.A reporter

C.A businessman

D.A computer programmer

( )2.Which of the following things is not a gadget?

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A.A picture

B.A laptop

C.A MP3 player

D.A mobile phone

( )3.When his sister had lessons,Steve told her _________.

A.to pay no attention

B.to e-mail him back right away

C.to stop playing games

D.to listen to music on the MP3 player


Computer programmer David Jones earns MYM35,000 a year designing new computer games,yet he cannot found a bank ready to let him have a credit card.Instead,he has been told to wait another two years,until he is 18.The 16 year old boy works for a small firm in Liverpool,where the problem of most young people of his age is finding a job.David's firm releases(推出) two new games for the fast growing computer market each month.

But David's biggest headache is what to do with his money.Even though he earns a lot,he cannot drive a car,take out a mortgage(抵押货款),or get credit cards.David got his job with the Liverpoolbased company four months ago,a year after leaving school with six O levels and working for a time in a computer shop.“I got the job because the people who run the firm knew I had already written some programs.” he said.David spends some of his money on records and clothes,and gives his mother 50 pounds a week.But most of his spare time is spent working.

“Unfortunately,computing was not part of our studies at school.” he said,“But I had been studying it in books and magazines for four years in my spare time.I knew what I wanted to do and never considered staying on at school.Most people in this business are fairly young,anyway.” David added:“I would like to earn a million and I suppose early retirement is a possibility.You never know when the market might disappear.”

( )1.In which way is David different from people of his age?

A.He often goes out with friends.

B.He lives with his mother.

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C.He has a handsome income.

D.He graduated with six levels.

( )2.Why did David decide to leave school and start working?

A.He received lots of job offers.

B.He was eager to help his mother.

C.He lost interest in school studies.

D.He wanted to earn his own living.

( )3.Why was David able to get the job in the company?

A.He had done well in all his exams.

B.He had written some computer programs.

C.He was good at playing computer games.

D.He had learnt to use computers at school.

( )4.What is one of the problems that David is facing now?

A.He is too young to get a credit card.

B.He has no time to learn driving.

C.He has very little spare time.

D.He will soon lose his job.


(九):1-3 B A C

(十):1-4 C C B A

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