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一、Read and choose.读一读,选出不同类的单词。(每题1分,共5分)

( )1. A. taller B.stronger C. funny D.thinner ( ) 2. A.what B. do C.when D.how ( ) 3. A. fever B. headache C. nose D.toothache ( ) 4. A.happy B. sad C.excited D. hurt ( ) 5. A. watched TV B.cleaned the room C. do the dishes D. played football Look and choose.


三、Look and choose.读句子,选择右边正确的序号填入括号内(每题2分,共10分)

( ) Did you read books? A.I have a headache.

( ) How is Mike feeling now? B. Yes, I did.

( ) How tall are you ? C.I cleaned the room.

( ) What’s the matter? D. I’m 165cm. ( ) What did you do last weekend? E.He’s bored.


( )1.I’m ______ than you.

A.tall B.taller C.short

( )2.What ______ you do yesterday?

A.did B.do C.are

( )3._______’s the matter?

A.Who B.What C.When

( )4.How do you feel today? ______________

A.Yes,I do. B.At home C.I’m tired.

( )5.I’m ______ than my brother.

A.heavier B.heavyer C.heavy

( )6.He ______ to school last week.

A.goes B.went C.go

( )7.How are you? __________w

A.Fine,thank you. B.I’m 14. C.I’m 50kg.

( )8.I’m 11 years old.You’re 12 year old. You’re 1 year _____ than me.

A.young B.old C.older

( )9. My brother is 2 cm shorter__________ me.

A. then B. than

C. and D. with

( )10. You __________ 164cm tall.

A. be B. am

C. is D are

( )11. I am one hundred_______ sixty-four cm tall.

A. and B. with

C. a D. an

( )12. How_______ are you? I am 13 years old.

A. tall B. old

C heavy D big

( )13. How_______ are your feet? I wear size 23.

A. big B. long C. small D. heavy ( )14. I'm 46kg and my sister is 43kg. I am_______ than her.

A. lighter B. heavier C. taller D. shorter ( )15. How ______ are your legs? 76cm

A. big B. long C. small D. heavy

五、连词成句。( 每题3分,共15分)

1.older you I am than ( .)

2.is How your heavy cat ( ? )

3.last Mike did do What weekend ( ? )

4.5cm you My sister than is taller ( . )

5.a have I fever ( . )w


(一)Hi, I'm Jenny. Last weekend I visited my uncle and aunt in Hangzhou. I went there by bus. I got to Hangzhou at about 10:00 in the morning. Then my aunt, my cousin---Tonyand I took a taxi to the West Lake(西湖). We went there quickly because my uncle is the taxi driver. We rowed the boat on the lake. Then we went to the Taiziwan Park on foot. It was a hot day.The sun was shining in the sky. We felt hot and hungry. We sat under a big tree and had our lunch. We ate bread, orange juice, hamburger, milk and some bananas. Tony saw a fish in the water. So we fed (feed,喂养) the fish with bread. More and more fish swam to us and opened their mouths. We fed them. We were very happy that day.

1. 根据短文内容,判断正误。(正确的打“√”,错误的打“×”每题2分,共10分) ( ) (1) Tony lives in Hangzhou.

( ) (2) Jenny went to the West Lake by train. ( ) (3) They had lunch under a big tree. ( ) (4) They fed fish in Taiziwan Park. w ( ) (5) Jenny's father is a taxi driver.

(二)Sarah and Amy are good friends. They are in the same class, and they have same hobby. They all like reading books. Sarah is older than Amy. But Amy is taller than Sarah. Amy is 155cm.


1. What's their hobby? a. collecting stamps b. reading books 2. Is Sarah older than Amy? a. Yes. she is. b. No, she isn't. 3.Who is taller? a. Amy b. Sarah

4.How tall is Amy? a. 155cm b. 132cm 5. Are they in the same class? a. Yes. b. No.

(三)Read and judge.(阅读下列短文,判断正“√”误“×”。每题2.5分,共12.5分) Sam: Hello, Ted. You look perfect. You are fit now. How heavy are you?

Ted: I’m 50 kg. You are thinner than me. You look taller than before. How tall are you, Sam? Sam: I’m 165 cm and 45 kg.

Ted: Oh, you are 10 cm taller than me. But you are 5 kg thinner than me. Please eat more. Sam: Yes. I want to be as fit as you. w ( ) 1. Sam is taller than Ted. ( ) 2. Ted is 155 cm tall. ( ) 3. Ted is 40 kg.

( ) 4. Sam is heavier than Ted. ( ) 5. Ted wants to be taller and heavier

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