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牛津版英语 4B Unit8 Open Day(第四课时)课件ppt

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Unit 8

Open Day


music room

? ? ? ? ? ?

There is …. There are…. ……有…… There be….结构 There be…and… 就近原则

There is a photo and two books on the desk. There are some rubbers and a pencil in the pencil-box.

There’s a sofa, a desk, a telephone and some pictures in the office. There’re some pictures, a sofa, a desk and a telephone in the office.

There’s a piano, a guitar and some violins in the music room. There’re some violins, a piano and a guitar in the music room.

There’s a football, a basketball and some volleyballs in the playground. There’re some volleyballs, a football and a basketball in the playground.

There’s a book, a schoolbag and a computer on the desk.

用“ There is +名词的单数+地点

There are +名词的复数+地点”谈论下图:

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