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牛津版英语4B Unit 8 Open Day第三课时课件

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Unit 8

Open Day

Look, there’s a songbook on the piano.



Look, there’s a picture on the wall.

Look, there’s …. a toy near the desk.

Look, …. there’re some books in the bookcase.

Look, …. there’re lots of desks and chairs in the classroom.


I love China. 我爱中国。


I’ve got a new T-shirt.

I love China.

read them Can you read them? then

他 (她 , 它 )们 (宾格)


? There is…. ? There are…. ? There be….

……有…… ? There be … and…. ? 就近原则 ? There is a rubber and some pencils in the pencil-box. ? There are some pencils and a rubber in the pencil-box.

There is a sofa, a desk, telephone and some pictures in the office.

There are some pictures, a sofa, a desk and a telephone in the office.

There is a football, a basketball and some volleyballs in the playground.

There are some volleyballs, a football and a desk in the office.

There is a piano, a guitar and some violins in the music room.

There are some violins, a piano and a guitar in the music room.

There is a school bag, a book and a computer in the music room.

1、 Read and act out Part E .
2 、 Introduce your house or bedroom to the other students . (要求用There is /are …的句型)

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