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( )1.—is that man? B:He is my grandfather.

A. What B. Who

( ) 2. Let’s TV.

A. watch B. see

( ) 3. My mother is from China. B:She uses .

A. fork B. chopsticks

( ) 4.—Who’s that B:She’s my grandmother.


( ) 5 — What a big fish! —

A. Wow! B. Oh,no!

( )6. A: Who’s that _______? B: She’s my mother.

A. man B. woman C. girl D. boy

( )7. A: Who’s that man? B: _________ is my father.

A. He B. She C. he D. she

( ) 8. A: Who’s that woman? B: ________ my mother.

A. She’s B. she’s C. he’s D. He’s

( )9. This _________ my friend, Ann. She ______ from America.

A. is… am B. is …is C. Is … am D. Is …is

( )10. A: Who’ this ______? B: He’s my brother.

A. boy B. girl

( ) 11. A: Who’ this girl? B: ________ my sister.

A. He’s B. She’s

( )12. A: Let’s watch TV. B: ___________!

A. Great B. Welcome

( )13. 不知道那个男孩是谁,你会问: A. Who’s that man? B. Who’s that boy? C. Who’s she?

( )14. 向妈妈介绍你的朋友迈克,你说: A. This is my friend, Mike. B. What’s your name? C. He is Mike.

( )15. 请别人稍等片刻,应该说:A. Wait a moment, please. B. Have a seat, please.

( )1、当你迟到了,应该说:

A、 Come in. B、 I’m sorry. C 、It’s OK.

二. Read and write.照样子,写一写。(6%)

1.bag 2.ten 3.red

4.pen 5.seven 6.pencil

三. Read and choose. 读一读,找出不同类的单词。(6%)

( )1. A. man B. elephant C. panda

( )2. A. sister B. brother C. water

( )3. A. brown B. white C. father

( )4. A. boy B. Australia C. pupil

( )5. A. grandfather B. crayon C. grandmother

( )6. A. ear B. mum C. dad

四. Read and answer. 读一读,选出正确的答句。(10%)

( )1. What's your name? A. Yes, she is.

( )2. Who's that boy? B. Great!

( )3. Where are you from? C. My name is Tutu.

( )4. Is she your mother? D. I'm from China.

( )5. Let's paint! E. He's my brother. 五Look and choose.看一看,为图片选择正确的单词

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