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(满分100分 完卷时间:40分钟)



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1.2.Chen Lin can’t go to shopping with her mother. She is verry .(sad/ happy) 3.They are the mountain.(climb / run)

4.The children are going to the eggs.(look for /hide) 5.Peter is going to 100 merers.(run / jump)


1. ( ) A: My birthday is February 3th. B: My birthday is August 2nd.

2. ( ) A: I can’t ride my bike. I’m very sad. B: A dog is coming. I’m very scared.

3. ( ) A: We’re going for a spring outing. B: We’re going to climb a mountain. 4. ( ) A: I’m going to do run 200 meters. B: I’m going to take a pictures.



miss gao is taking a picture of her students

the children are going to make some easter eggs


1. ( ) A:chocolate B: Bunny C: cat 2. ( ) A: third B: fifth C: music room 3. ( ) A: get on B: move C: mountain 4. ( ) A: scared B: happy C: elephant 5. ( ) A: long jump B: shout C: high jump


1.在一楼 the first floor

2.电脑室 room

3.画彩蛋 the Easter Egg

4.上公交车 the bus

5.美术市 room


1. ( ) A:When is Easter? B: It’ A: March B: April C: March and April

2. ( ) A: I have a new doll for my birthday. I’.

A: happy B: sad C:tired 3. ( A: running B: jump C: doing

4. ( a mountain next Sunday. A: climb B: climbing C: run 5. ( the fourth floor. A: in B: on C: for


1.Where is the dinning room? It’ floor. (教室在哪儿?它在一楼。)

2. some Easter Eggs. (Sally准备去煮一些复活节彩蛋。)

3.Wang Tao high jump. (王涛正在跳高。)

4.Li Hong can’t ride a bike. She is . (李红不会骑自行车。她非常伤心。)


Li Hong is run 100 meters. (改为一般将来时)

Hu Ping is do high jump. (改为现在进行时)


1.Is Chen Lin good at doing long jump?

2.When is Peter’s birthday?

3.What are they going to do?

4.Where is the music room?

5.What is Hu Ping doing now?


Sam: Hello,Ben. What’s your favorite sport? Ben: I like playing ping-pong.

Sam: Are you going to playing ping-pong on Sport Day? Ben: Yes, I do. How about you?

Sam: I can run fast and jump. I’m going to run 100 meters and do high jump.

1.( ) Sam likes playing ping-pong.

2.( ) Ben is going to play ping-pong on Sport Day. 3.( ) Sam is good at running and high jump. 4.( ) Sam isn’t good to do high jump.

5.( ) They aren’t going to have Sport Day?


It is Sports Day today. Peter is running 100 meters. Look, he is going to win. “Come on, Peter!” His friends are shouting. Hu Ping is doing high jump. Chen Lin is doing long jump. She is good at it. Miss Gao is taking pictures of her students. She is proud of her students.

1. Who is going to win?

2. What is Hu Ping doing?

3. Is Chen Lin good at to do long jump?

4. What is Miss Gao doing?

5. Is Miss Gao proud of her students?

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