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班级:______ 姓名:______


1. Yy Cc 3. Mm

4. Ii 5. Vv 6. Ff


fireworks couplets lake earth rain

panda zebra parrot rubbish koala


1、lucky money ________ 2、Spring Festival ______

3、make jiaozi ________ 4、too many ____________

5、all kinds of _________ 6. dry up __________

四、单项选择(25分,每题5分)新|课 |标|第 | 一| 网

( ) 1 There ____ red couplets, red clothes, red lanterns .

A. is B. are C. did

( ) 2、What else did you do?

I_____ the fireworks and dragon dance in the street..

A. hope B. red C. watched

( ) 3、We shouldn’t _____ these things.

A. eat B. do C. to do

( ) 4、The deeper, the ______ .

A. cold B. colder C. about

( ) 5、A koala has a special pocket ________a pouch .

A. call B. called C. live

五.阅读理解 (10分,每题2分)X k B 1 . c o m

Look at that boy. His name is Liu Bing. He’s a Chinese boy. He is in the kitchen. He likes apples. Su Yang is at home too. She is in the study. She likes drawing. Is Gao Shan at home? No, he is in the park. He is thirsty. He wants to drink some juice. Miss Li is in the office. She is reading.


( )1.Liu Bing is in the kitchen .

( )2.Liu Bing likes eating pears.

( )3.Su Yang isn’t in the study .

( )4.Gao Shan is thirsty and he wants to drink. ( )5.Miss Li is drawing . w W w .x K b 1 .c o M

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