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考试时间:30分钟 分值:50分


1. season do you like best? I like autumn. 2. this yellow one? How nice! 3. is your grandmother? About sixty 4. is her brother’s birthday? On May 2. 5. bag is heavier? Hers, I think. 6. is the weather like in spring? It’s sunny. 7. do you go to the cinema? By bus.

8. are the students? In the playground. 二、将打乱的字母重新组成新单词,并写出中文。8分

1.y, w, a ( ) 2.k,a,s ( ) 3.a,l,p,n ( ) 4.e,b,t,s ( ) 5.t,e,r,t,s,e ( ) 6.r,e,t,l,e,t ( ) 7.n,s,i,f,i,h ( ) 8.m,r,e,n,b,u ( )

A. season B. seasons C. spring D. winter

( ) 2. I buy a new watch.

A. don’t need B. don’t need to C. needn’t to D. needs ( ) 3. I would like to know about you.

A. many B. lot C. more D. a lot

( ) 4. Where Lucy ?



A. do, lives B. does lives C. does, live D. are, living

( ) 5.Let’s go to the post office, but how can we ?

A. go to there B. get to there C. go to the there D. get there

( ) 6. Monday morning, I went a walk in the park. A. In, on B. On, for C. On, to D. In, to ( ) 7.Helen any classes on Saturdays and Sundays. A. is going to B. has C. have D. doesn’t have ( ) 8.Who do you want ?

A. to write B. to write to C. write D. write to ( ) 9.You are late, please come to school next time. A. early B. earlier C. earliest D. be early ( ) 10.What you after lunch?

A. are, going to do B. do, going to do C. are, going D. are, doing 四、从II栏中选出I栏的正确应答,并将序号填入题前括号内。4分


( ) 1.Do you know the address? A. No, he doesn’t. ( ) 2.How far is the theatre from here? B. Sure. Here you are. ( ) 3.Whose keys are these? C. Yes, I do. ( ) 4.What is his hobby? D. She’s my aunt. ( ) 5.Are you in the same row? E. It’s a kilometer. ( ) 6.Can I have an envelope? F. His, I think. ( ) 7.Who’s the woman? G. Yes, we are. ( ) 8.Does he have any brothers? H. He likes running. 五、用所给词的恰当形式填空。5分



1. Who jumps (far), Ben or David? 2. The boy is good at (swim).

3. Nancy (play) the violin at the concert next week. 4. What about (go) fishing? That’s a good idea. 5. What’s the weather like today? It’s (wind). 1.——谁比你高?

is than you? 2.昨天是星期天。你们干什么的?

It yesterday. you ? 3.——他们正在干什么? ——他们正在上语文课。

——What they ? ——They’re a Chinese lesson. 4.——明天下午你将要做什么? ——我要参加跳舞比赛。 —— are you do tomorrow ?

——I’m going to a contest. 5分 My name is Rose. I’m an American girl. My parents and I live in Nanjing now. Today is Friday. We are planning for our weekends. My father likes Beijing opera shows very much, so he is going to see a Beijing opera with his Chinese friends on Saturday.

My brother is twenty minutes older than me. We are twins. I am in Yucai Primary School. My school is not big, but it is very beautiful. There are some trees and a lot of flowers in it .We study Chinese, Maths, Science, Art, PE and some subjects. I like English best. I’m good at playing volleyball. My hobbies are playing computer games and swimming.

I want to find a penfriend. My telephone number is 86-025-83405773. My e-mail address is rose015@163.com. Do you want to be my penfriend? Please write to me



( )1. Rose lives in .

A. Shanghai B. New York C. Nanjing ( ) 2. Rose is twenty minutes than his brother. A. older B. younger C. taller. ( ) 3.There are people in her family. A. five B. four C. six ( ) 4.Rose is good at .

A. Chinese B. playing volleyball C. swimming ( ) 5.Rose wants to a penfriend. A. find B. be C. look 八、智力测试。5分

( ) 1. What is bingo? It’s a . A. city B. game C. food D. cinema ( ) 2.What should be the next number?

32……36…… 9…… 12 ……4 ……6 ……? A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5

( ) 3. My uncle has a brother. He’s not my uncle. Who’s he? A. My teacher B. My friend

C. My father D. My brother

( ) 4.Mary has a basket of ten apples. She takes two apples out of the basket.

How many apples does Mary have?

A. 2 B. 12 C. 8 D. 10

( ) 5. Find the missing letter.

A. Y B. X C. W D. U





1. I’ve got a l from my friend, Tom. The stamp on it is very beautiful. green and the flowers start to grow in spring. holiday is May Day. We can have a long holiday.

? 5. Don’t read in the s. It’s not good for your eyes. is 0515-8393598. Day is on the first of June.

a farm with our teachers.

near our school. We often do some reading there. 二、单项选择

从A、B、C三个选项中选出一个最佳答案,将其序号填入题前括号内(5分) ( ) 1. --Hello, is that Tom speaking? --- .

A. Yes. Who are you? B. Yes. Who is that? C. Yes. Who is this? ( .

A. playground B. street C. classroom ( my primary school. A. finished B. begin C. start ( this question for us to Mr. Smith? --Sure. I’d like to. A. answer B. ask C. ask for ( ) 5. Here’s Huanghai Park. Pleasecarefully.

A. get to B. get off C. get down ( in winter.

A. snow B. snows C. snowy ( ) 7. This isn’tis heavy.

A. my; Mine B. mine; My C. mine; Mine ( .He got the first in the running race. A. running B. run C. runs ( .

A. Easter B. Christmas C. Halloween ( there earlier, you should take a taxi tomorrow morning. A. To get to B. To get C. Get there 三、完型填空(5分)

Tick, tick, tick! Good morning, Jim! It’s 6:30 now. It’s time up. Do you know me? I’m your new friend. My name is Clock. Look me. I have no feet, my hands. I have no mouth, but I speak to you. Now please listen to . Today is Monday. You have many things to do. Classes at 8:00. You have four classes in the morning and two classes in the afternoon. After 3:40 you have a basketball match Class Two. You come at 5:40. You have supper at 6:00. You CCTV news at 7:00. And you go to bed at 9:30. Now please get up quickly and have your breakfast. Or ( 否则) you will be .

( ) 1. A. get B. gets C. to get D. getting ( ) 2. A. at B. for C. after D. like ( ) 3. A. and B. but C. so D. or ( ) 4. A. can’t B. mustn’t C. must D. can ( ) 5. A. I B. my C. mine D. me ( ) 6. A. begin B. begins C. beginning D. to begin ( ) 7. A. to B. with C. and D. for ( ) 8. A. home B. to home C. your home D. at home ( ) 9. A. watch B. read C. see D. look at ( ) 10. A. early B. happy C. glad D. late 四、阅读理解(15分)


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