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3. 看图听短文,(共看图听短文,想一想大家在做什么,想一想大家在做什么,将人物与事情用线条链接。将人物与事情用线条链接。(共5分,每


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( A ) 1. Where is Tom’s home?

A. In a tall building. B. In front of the park. C. Next to the school.

( B )2. Is the park between the bank and the hotel?

A. No, it isn’t. B. Yes, it is. C. Sorry, I don’t know.


( ) 3. Where is Xinhua Bookstore?

A. on the Main Street

B. on the right of Xinghua hospital

C. on the left of Xinghua hospital

( ) 4. How does the grandpa get there?

A. by bike B. on foot C. by bus


( ) 5. What did Kate's mother buy her ?

A. Some books B. A piano C. A new sweater

5.听新朋友介绍自己,(共听新朋友介绍自己,帮助新朋友填写学生信息卡。帮助新朋友填写学生信息卡。(共5分,每个空1分) Name




Place (country) Helen summer holiday my parents by plane


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, 、读短文,找出与句子内容相符的图画,将其编号填入句前括号内。 (共 ( 每个小题 1 分) ( A )1. Yesterday I bought some storybooks in the bookshop. ( C ) 2. Peking Man made fire to keep warm in winter. ( B ) 3. They are going to visit the Summer Palace on Sunday. ( E ) 4. Lucy went to Beijing by plane during the summer holidays. ( D ) 5. We should plant trees around our homes.






12、读句子。根据句子的描述选择最佳答案,并将所选单词前的字母填写在括号 、读句子。根据句子的描述选择最佳答案, (共 内。 共 5 分,每个小题 1 分) ( ( C )1.It’s a city.We can see many banana trees, coconut trees there. A. Herbin. B. Beijing C. Sanya ( C ) 2. It’s a room. We often cook and wash bowls there. What is it? A. a bedroom B. a living room C. a kitchen ( B ) 3. It is one of the greatest theme parks in the world. What is it? A Beihai Park B. Disneyland C. the Forbidden City ( B ) 4. It’s an animal. It likes sleeping. It lives in Australia. A. A gorilla B. A koala C. A crane ( C ) 5. You eat this fruit in hot days. It’s big and green. It’s sweet and has seeds. A. An orange. B. An apple C. A watermelon 13. 读短文,然后回答问题。 共 5 分,每个小题 1 分) 读短文,然后回答问题。 (共 ( Today is Saturday. We have no classes. Our teachers are going to take us to the zoo. We take buses there. We get there at nine thirty. How beautiful the zoo is! There are many trees, some hills, and a big lake. It’s spring now, so the flowers are coming out. There are many people there, too. We like to watch monkeys. They are playing on the hills or having oranges, apples and bananas. We are having a good time there. We leave the zoo at three in the afternoon. 根据短文内容回答下列问题: 根据短文内容回答下列问题: 1. Where are you going?
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西城区小学英语毕业考试模拟试题( 西城区小学英语毕业考试模拟试题(一)

_We are going to the zoo._ 2.What are the monkeys doing? _ They are playing on the hills or having oranges, apples and bananas. _ 3. When do you leave the zoo? __At three in the afternoon._ 根据自己的实际情况回答下列问题: 根据自己的实际情况回答下列问题: 1. What do you often do on Saturday? _I often have classes._ 2.What did you do last Saturday? _I went to a park nearby. 14.根据提示卡的信息,写一段话。 (共 5 分,每个小题 1 分) .根据提示卡的信息,写一段话。 New How old is Where does he/she What does he/ What’s his / friends he/she? come from? she look like? her hobby? Peter 10 Canada fat, short art Jane 11 Britain yellow hair singing small mouth Bob 9 Australia black hair sports big eyes Jack 10 America thin, tall reading Kate 12 New Zealand pretty dancing

I have a new friend. Her name is Kate. She is 12 years old. She comes from New Zealand. She looks li

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