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测试时间:40分钟 满分:100分



1. Miss Li is English teacher .She likes .

A. our; we B. our; us C. us; our D. us; us

2. – Where is the concert?

-- It’s the National Grand Theatre.

A. in B. on C. at D. to

3. How many can you see in this picture?

A. sheep B. dog C. child D. cat

4. My friend asks me computer games with him.

A. plays B. play C. to play D. playing

5. There is “f” in the word “family”.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

6. -- Lily and Lucy got a big family?

-- Yes, A. Has; she has B. Has; they have C. Have; she has D. Have; they have

7. She doesn’t sleep at night. So she always feels tired.

A. good B. better C. best D. well

8. -- How many are there?

-- Oh, there are many boxes.

A. box of tomatos B. box of tomatoes

C. boxes of tomatos D. boxes of tomatoes

9. My father is a bus driver. He in a factory or a school. My mother and I him very much.

A. doesn’t work; love B. work; loves

C. works; don’t love D. don’t work; loves

10. -- What’s in your bedroom?

-- There a big bed, two small tables and some chairs in it.

A. are B. is C. has D. have

11. He doesn’t like basketball football.

A. and B. or C. but D. /

12. His name is David Beckham. Please call him A. Mr. Beck B. Mr. David C. Mr. Dave D. Mr. Beckham

13. -- Would you like chicken?

-- Yes, please.

A. a B. any C. some D. many

14. -- Is this book ?

-- Yes, it’s A. Tom; his B. Tom’s; him C. Tom; him D. Tom’s; his



15. -- are your parents?

-- They are workers in a factory.

A. Who B. Where C. Which D. What

16. You can English, but you can’t it in English.

A. speak; speak B. speak; say C. talk; tell D. tell; talk

17. It is good for your to eat food.

A. health; healthy B. healthy; health

C. health; health D. healthy; healthy

18. My grandpa usually does Chinese Kungfu a sunny morning.

A. on B. at C. in D. to

19. -- Who can you see in the picture?

-- Tony with his two sisters in the picture.

A. am B. are C. is D. are

20. -- Would you like to see a movie with me tonight?

-- A. Yes, please B. Yes, I like it C. No, thank you D. Sorry, I have a lot of things to do


Dear Bill,

I’m a middle school student now. I’m very __1__ to come to this new school. I have new teachers __2__ many more friends. They are all very friendly and __3__.

I often get up at 6:30 in the morning. __4__ I eat breakfast at 7:00. I usually go to school at 7:15. Our classes __5__ at 8:00. We have Maths, Chinese, Science and English lessons __6__ 8:00 to 11:40.In the afternoon, we have other lessons __7___ Music, Art, P.E. and Computer. I often play with my classmates after 5:00. I like playing basketball, football, tennis and volleyball. I go __8__ and do my homework. I eat dinner at 7:00 p.m.. __9__ dinner, I often watch TV. I go to bed at about 10:00. I __10__ my day very much.

With love from


( ) 1. A. beautiful B. early C. happy D. late

( ) 2. A. also B. and C. else D. too

( ) 3. A. pretty B. excited C. helpful D. glad

( ) 4. A. Then B. After C. But D. Again

( ) 5. A. begins B. begin C .have D. has

( ) 6. A. at B. from C. about D. in

( ) 7. A. like B. are like C. likes D. look like

( ) 8. A. up B. away C. home D. down

( ) 9. A. After B. In C. As D. Behind

( ) 10. A. work B. want C. study D. enjoy

三、阅读理解 (共5小题,每小题2分,总分10分)

Jill lived with her grandma. The old woman was strong enough that she could do everything


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As soon as Jill began to tidy the rooms or wash something, her grandma stopped her and told her to work hard at her lessons. Jill had to listen to her grandma and spent all her time on her study. So she went to college at last.

Now the girl has left college. She did well in all her subjects and easily found work in Mr Brown’s company. She was sure Mr Brown would put her in an important position(位置).

On the first day the boss gave her a broom and said, “Your first work is to sweep the offices.” “What?” the girl called out in surprise, “I’m a college student, you know.”

“I’m sorry I don’t know that. Here, give me the broom and let me show you!”

( ) 1. As Jill’s grandma was strong, ______________.

A. the girl would live with her B. she did all the housework

C. she kept doing morning exercise D. she could help her with her lessons

( ) 2. Jill had enough time, so____________.

A. she put her heart into her study B. she had time to rest

C. she could play games D. she did not learn to do the housework

( ) 3. Jill easily found work because ______________.

A. she was strong, too B. she knew Mr. Brown

C. she could do everything D. she did well in her lessons

( ) 4. __________, so she was surprised.

A. Mr. Brown didn’t know Jill was a college student

B. Mr. Brown didn’t know Jill was good at her subjects

C. Mr. Brown didn’t like Jill at all

D. Mr. Brown told Jill to be a cleaner

( ) 5. Which of the following is WRONG?

A. Jill hoped to have an important job. B. Jill couldn’t do any housework at all.

C. Mr. Brown had to say sorry to Jill. D. Jill graduated from a college.



Betty Beijing International School. She is in class with Tom and Peter.


you to go 3.米莉过了个快乐的生日,她所有的朋友玩得很愉快。

Millie has a and all her friend have time.


, Nick. It’s .


She her after .


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