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The Great Wall of China
The Great Wall of China is the longest wall

in the world. It is about 6,000 kilometers long, 7 meters high and 5 meters wide. The Great Wall was built more than twenty centuries ago. It was very difficult to build such a great wall without any modern machines. Thousands of men died while they were building the wall. Have you ever been to the Great Wall? It is very famous in the world. Many foreigners come to visit it every year. They like it very much.

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数 词

1. 基数词

2. 序数词
3. 数词的应用

1.1—12的基数词是独立的单词。 one,two,three,four,five,six,seven,eight, nine,ten, eleven , twelve 2.13—19的基数词以-teen结尾。 fourteen,seventeen等,但13,15,18较特殊, 13— thirteen 15— fifteen 18— eighteen 3.20—90的整十位均以-ty结尾。 sixty,seventy,但20,30,40,50,80,较特殊, 20— twenty 30—thirty 40—forty 50—fifty 80—eighty 90—ninety

4.十位数与个位数之间要加连字符号“-”。 28—twenty-eight,96—ninety-six 5.百位和十位(若无十位则和个位)之间加and, 148—one hundred and forty-eight 406—four hundred and six 6.hundred(百),thousand (千), million (百万), billion(十亿)等前面即使有具体的数词,也不能在它们 的后面加s。 600—six hundred,8百万—eight million

7.1000以上的数字,从后往前数每三位加一个逗号“,” 第一个逗号前为千(thousand),第二个逗号前为百万 (million),第三个逗号前为billion(十亿)。英语中无 “万”这个词,我们可以用“几十个千(thousand)” 表示几万,“几百个千(thousand)”表示“几十万”。 2,510=two thousand five hundred and ten 84,296=eighty-four thousand two hundred and ninetysix 274,350= 88,065,909=

8.hundred,thousand,million用复数形式修饰名词时要用 “of+复数名词”。 数以百计的年轻人 hundreds of young people; 数以千计的书 thousands of books 注意:hundreds of /thousands of/millions of +复数词, 其前面不能加具体的数词,但可加several或 many。 9.基数词+单数名词+形容词构成合成形容词。 一个五岁的男孩 a five-year-old boy; 一座七层高的建筑物 a 7-storey-high building.

1.基数词变序数词可利用口诀巧记: 一、二、三,特殊记,八去“t”,九去“e”,“ve” 要用“f” 替,见“y”变成“i”和“e”,词尾加上“th”,若是 遇到几十 几,只变个位就可以. 第一、第二、第三分别: first second third eight — eighth nine — ninth five — fifth twelve — twelfth twenty — twentieth forty

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