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1. 特殊疑问句的结构:


What did you do last night?

Who can help me?

Whose cat is it?

Which colour do you like?

Why don’t we go together?

Where shall we meet tomorrow morning?

How long will you stay there?

2. 特殊疑问句的时态:


A. 一般现在时:

特殊疑问词+am/is/are+主语+其他? Who am I?

特殊疑问词+do/does+主语+动词原形+其他?What does she do?

特殊疑问词+can/may/must+主语+动词原形+其他?What can it speak?

B. 现在进行时:


What is he singing now?

C. 一般将来时:

特殊疑问词+will/shall +主语+动词原形+其他?

Which one will you choose tomorrow?

D. 一般过去时:




What date was it yesterday?

What did he do before?

Where would she go after three days?

(2)回答:不用Yes或No回答,而是要根据实际情况直接回答。 考点1 在一般现在时中特殊疑问句的使用

例题 将下面各题就划线部分提问。 1

【解析】:第1题,本题考查的是一般现在时中be动词作谓语情况下的特殊疑问句。第一步,要选疑问词。询问人用who;第二步, 由be动词is单独作谓语可知,这是一个一般现在时的句子。由于是对主语提问在,将原句换为一般疑问句时,直接将划线词划去,用who替代。连成句子:Who is a student?

第2题,本题是一般现在时中行为动词作为谓语情况下的特殊疑问句。第一步,要选疑问词。询问地点用where;第二步,由行为动词第三人称单数作谓语,助动词用does, 将原句换为一般疑问句:Does his father work in the factory?第三步,去掉划线部分in the factory, 再加上特殊疑问词连成句子:Where does his father work?

第3题,本题考查的是一个般现在时中情态动词作谓语情况下的。第一步,要选疑问词。询问什么用what;第二步,半的句换为一般问句:Can这些极少政治势力说English?第三步,去掉划线部分English,再加上特殊疑问词连成句子:What can the little girl speak?

【答案】:1. Who is a student?

2. Where does his father work?

3. What can the little girl speak?


就划线部分提问。 ________ is your cousin? ________ ________ they go to Shanghai?

考点2 在现在进行时中特殊疑问句的使用

例题 对划线部分提问。 【解析】:第一步,选疑问句。询问什么用what; 第二步,由洒喝酒可知, 是现在进行时,故用助动司is。将原句换为一般疑问句: Is Bill drinking a cup of tea?第三步,去掉划线部分a cup of tea, 再加上特殊疑问诩连成句子:What is Bill drinking?

【答案】:What is Bill drinking?


就划线部分提问。 考点3 在一般过去时中特殊疑问句的使用。

例题 将下面各题就划部分提问。



【解析】:第一步,要选疑问词。询问地点用where; 第二步,由last week可知,是一般过去时,故用助动司did。将原句换为一般疑问句:Did you drive to Shanghai last week?第三步:去掉划线部分Shanghai,再加上特殊疑问连成句子:Where did you drive last week?

【答案】:Where did you drive last week?



1. I didn’_________________________________________________

2. I washed my clothes twice a week last term. (how often)


考点4 在一般将来时中特殊疑问句的使用

例题 用所动司的适当形式填空

1. ——_________ _________ Li Ming _________(go) tomorrow?

——Li Ming is going to school tomorrow.

2. ——_________ _________ Wang Bin _________ (go) to cinema?

—— This evening.

3. ——_________ _________ Lily _________ (do) tonight?

——Have supper.

【解析】:动词的形式要根据句子时态决定,由例句听tomorrow, this evening, tonight等, 可知三个句子均为一般将来时态,要用“Will/Shall/Be going to +动词原形”形式。第1题是对地点提问,故特殊疑问词选where; 第2题是对时间提问,故持特殊疑问词选when;第3题是对事提问,用特殊疑问词what.

【答案】:1. Where is, going 2. When will, go 3. What will, do



1. How many days do you need to finish the work? A. There times a day.

2. When will you visit your grandmother? B. About more than two days.

3. How often should I take the medicine? C. I shall visit her tomorrow.




( )1. What’s your phone number? A. I’m in Class One.

( )2. What’s two and four? B. I’m from Canada.

( )3. What’s this in English? C. My father is a businessman. ( )4. Where are you from? D. It’s a jacket.

( )5. What class are you in? E. 89188811

( )6. What’s your father? F. It’s six.

二、用疑问代词Who, what, which, whose填空。

1. —__________ are there in your desk? ——There are some books in it.

2. —__________can a bird do? ——It can fly in the sky.

3. __________ is he doing?

4. __________ is she?

5. __________ are they?

6. __________ is your Japanese teacher?

7. __________ pencil is that?

8. __________ class are your sisters in?

9. __________ book is yours?

10. __________ is his father?


1. —__________number are you?

—I’m 11.

A. Which B. What’s C. How D. Where

2. —__________grade are you in?

—I’m in Grade Two.

A. Which B. Where C. Who D. How

3. —__________that in Picture Two?

—It’s an apple.

A. Who’s B. What’s C. Where’s D. Which

4. —__________bike is it ?

—It’s his bike.

A. What B. Who C. Which D. Whose

5. —__________ is Betty?

—She is Tom’s sister.


A. Who B. Which C. Whose D. Where

6. —__________ skirt is yours, the red one or the blue one?

—The red one.

A. What B. Who C. Which D. Where

7. —__________are you?

—I’m Li Peipei.

A. What B. Who C. Where D. Whose

8. —Excuse me, _________ is the nearest bookshop?

—Go down the street and turn left at the second corner.

A. how B. What C. where D. who

9. — _________is a ticket for the film Hacker?

—About forty yuan.

A. How old B. How many C. How much D. How often

10. —_________ are you going? ——I’m going to the library.

A. Who B. Which C, What D. Where

四、就划线部分提问。 _________ _________ he often _________ lunch? _________ _________ will they come back? _________ _________ he _________ his leg? _________ _________ _________you _________ up this morning? _________ _________ they _________ when I came in ?

6. I didn’_________ _________you go to school?

7. You’_________bus _________ I better take?

8. He’_________ _________ he feeling? _________ _________ is your sister? _________ _________ _________ he _________ to China?



1. He goes to see his grandma (twice a week)。(对括号部分提问)


2. My father goes to work (by car). (对括号部分提问)


3. It takes (15 minutes) for a ferry to cross the river.(对括号部分提问)


4. You can dial (110) to call the police. (对括号部分提问)


5. Ted put (his bag )in the desk.(对括号部分提问)

___________ _____________Ted _________ in the desk?

6. The students (went camping) last week.(对括号部分提问)


7. 3 and 9 is (12). (对括号部分提问)


8. Diogenes came from (Greece)(对括号部分提问)


9. The way to keep fit is (to eat food and take more exercise). (对括号部分提问)


10. We landed (on an unexplored planet). (对括号部分提问)

__________ ___________ you land?


1. —___________ are you? —I’m a driver.

2. —___________are you? —I’m five.

3. —___________ are you? —I’m ten.

4. —___________ are you? —I’m Alice.

5. —___________ are you? —I’m in the office.

6. —___________is it ? —It’s red.

7. —___________ is it? —It’s a circle.

8. —___________ books are there on the desk? —There are two books.

9. —___________ are the books? —They are twenty yuan each.

10. —___________ grade are you in? —I’m in Grade Five.

11. —___________ is your birthday? — On May 2nd.

12. —___________ do you do?

13. ___________ do you feel?


14. ___________ is the weather today? 7


考点1 举一反三训练

1. Who 2. How, do

考点2 举一反三训练

1. What is your mother doing now?

2. What is your brother doing?

考点3 举一反三训练

1. Why didn’t you go to class yesterday?

2. How often did you wash your clothes last term?

考点4 举一反三训练

1. B 2. C 3.A


一、1.E 2.F 3.D 4. B 5.A 6.C

二、1. What 2. What 3. What 4. Who/What 5. Who

6. Who 7.Whose 8.Which 9. Which 10. What

三、1. A 2. A 3. B 4. D 5. A 6. C 7. B 8. C 9. C 10. D 四、1. Where does; have 2. How soon 3. When did; hurt

4. What time did; get 5. What were; doing 6. Why didn’t

7. Which; had 8. How is 9. Which girl 10. How often does, come

五、 1. How often does he go to see his grandma?

2. How does your father go to work?

3. How long does it take for a ferry to cross the river?

4. What number

5. What did; put

6. What did the students do last week?

7. What is 3 and 9?

8. Where did; come from

9. What is; keep fit

10. Where did

六、1. What 2. How 3. How old 4. Who 5. Where 6. What colour

7. What shape 8. How many 9. How much 10. Which 11. When

12. How 13. How 14. How


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