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人教版pep6 unit3 my birthday第六课时

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Unit 3 My birthday
B.Read and write

birthday card

_________ Everyone

____birthday card. likes to get

an e-card sending an e-card

sending Grandma an e-card Grandma

Does she have a computer? No,she doesn’t (have a
computer). (那么 )

Then she won’t be able to see the card.


What shall we do? Let’s make a birthday card.

Tick or cross:
1.Zip ____ is sending an e-card for grandma. × 2.Grandma’s birthday is in June.√

3.Grandma ____ has a computer at home. ×
4.Zoom’s grandma ____ can get the e-card. ×
doesn’t have

5.Zip and Zoom make a birthday card.√

Answer the questions:
1.Is Grandma’s birthday in June? Yes, it is.
2.What’s the date? It’s June 9

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