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人教版四年级下Unit5 how much is it第五教学课件

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How much is that colourful dress? Very expensive, very expensive. How much is that pretty skirt? Very expensive, very expensive. How much is this yellow shirt? Very cheap, very cheap. Good! I want this shirt.

What can you see?

I can see a pair of …





What size?(多大号码?)

Size Five.

Are they all right?(合适吗?) Yes, they are. No, they aren’t.

We’ll take them.(我们买了。)

Assistant:Good morning. Customer:Good morning. Assistant:Can I help you? Customer:Yes. I want a pair of…. Assistant:What size?. Customers:Size … . How much are they? Assistant:They are… yuan.

Customer:We’ll take them!
(Assistant:店员 Customer: 顾客)

¥30 ¥10





Assistant: Can I help you? Customers: Yes. I want a pair of …s. Assistant: What size? Customers: Size … . How much are they?

Assistant: They are … yuan .
Customers: We’ll take them.


A: Hello, Micky. Can I do help you ? B: I want a new sweater . Can you show me that green one? A: Sure. Here you are . B: It looks nice. How much is it ? A: It’s eighty . Anything else? B: Ah, yes. I want a pair of sneakers. How much are they ? A: They are twenty .

Do exercise:
选择填空: (B )1.How much is it? 23 yuan. A. They are B. It’s C. Is it (C )2.How much the sneakers? They’re 67yuan. A. am B. is C. are (B )3.How is the shirt? It’s thirty yuan. A. long B. much C. old ( C )4.Put your sneakers. Run the park. A. on, at B. in, in C. on, in (A )5.Can I help you? . A. Yes, please B. I’m full C. Yes, they are

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