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牛津英语5B Unit 9 The English Club测试卷及答案

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Unit 9 The English Club


A B C D ( )1. ( )2. ( )3.

( )4. ( )5.


1.来自美国 3.一个大城市 5.向……学习…… 7. 9. 11.catch insects

2.在周末 4.访问中国 6.喜欢运动 8.10. 12.the English club


( ) 1. He is from Australia. you ? A.What are

A.us, we ( ) 3. Yang ling is . A.a Chinese girl A.beautifully

B.Chinese girl B.beautiful

C.a China girl C.beauty

( ) 4. The birds sing . ( ) 5. –How do you spend your weekends? – I often watch TV, I play football. A.some time A.in

A.from he A.don’t

B.some times B.with

C.sometimes C.on C.with him C.not

( ) 6. Su Yang puts a firefly a bottle.

( ) 7. Jim studies Chinese well. Helen often learns B.from him B.doesn’t

( ) 8. He like swimming.

B.How are B.we, our

C.What about C.our, them

( ) 2. They teach Chinese and teach them English.


1.Sometimes she doesn’t play with (I).

2.Yang Ling usually (brush) her teeth after she gets up. 3.Sometimes Wang Bing goes (swim). 4.I’m British. I’m from (English).

5.–What she ?(like)

–She (like) (cook).

6.The little boy draws 7.How many 8.I 五、根据所给情景完成下列句子


I like , I go climbing 2.你会说英语吗?

you 3.Ben来自哪个国家?

is Ben 4.学生们正在谈论他们的周末。

The students are weekends.


Insects our 6.她怎样度周末的?

How she spend 六、连词成句并翻译成中文

1.spend, how, weekends, does, his, he(?)

2.often, swings, the, she, on, on, plays, Sundays(.)

3.countries, you, are, from, different(?)

— 2 —

4.speaks, and, Tom, English, French(.)

5.brother, how, her, spend, does, his, weekends(?)


I like watching ants. They are small, but they can big

I like catching .

They at night. Many girls like butterflies and dragonflies. They are 八、交际语匹配


( ) 1. Are you from China? A. No, I’m from Japan.

( ) 2. Where are you from? B. I’m from Shanghai.

( ) 3. What time is it? C. No, I’m not tired.

( ) 4. Where is your cousin? D. It’s a quarter past nine.

( ) 5. How do you spend your weekends? E. I usually catch insects.

( ) 6. Do you feel tire? F. He’s in Shanghai.



I’m Li Fang. Jane is my classmate. She is ten years old. She’s from London. She’s got blue eyes, brown hair and a small nose. She can sing and dance. She likes playing with her little dog. Jane and I are good friends. On Sundays, Jane often comes to my home. We play games and read storybooks together. She tells me a lot about her country. Now she can speak and read a little Chinese and I can speak more English. Sometimes we visit our neighbor(邻居),Grandma Wang. Grandma Wang’s daughter is in Beijing and her son is in Nanjing. We talk with her and help her to do some housework. Grandma likes us very much.

( ) 1.Jane is Li Fang’s classmate.

( ) 2.Jane is from the USA.

( ) 3.Jane has a little dog.

( ) 4.Jane speaks Chinese very well.

( ) 5.Li Fang and Jane are warm-hearted(热心的) girl.


以“My classmate”为题目,写你的一位同学。(不少于6句话)

Unit 9 The English Club




1 come from the USA 2 at the weekends 3 a big city 4 visit China 5 learn…from 6 like sports

7 观看卡通片 8 不同的国家 9 一所小学 10 当然了

11 捉昆虫 12 英语俱乐部

— 4 —

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