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姓名 四年级英语上册期末测试卷 一、英汉互译。30分

1.turn on the light_________ 2. 十二月___ 3.come in______ 4.January______ 5. 当然____________ 6.good luck______

7.吹笛子_______ 8.糖果____ 9.运动日________

10.起床_____ 11. high jump______

12.play chess_______ 13.跑_______ 14. 能够_____ 15.draw a dragon_____


( )1.what are you doing. Mum? I’m ____vegetable.

A. cooking B. cook C. run

( )2. Amy .can you ______fast?

A. running B. runs C. run

( )3.Can you play the flute.Sam? No .I______

A.can B. can’t C.don’t

( )4.They_____going to Haina. A. is B.are C.am

( )5.we’re going _____plane. A.by B.on C.in

( )6.she is going to______her teacher. A .look B.see C.visit

( )7.xiaohong is going to get up_____5o’clock.

A.On B.at C.for

( )8.we’re going to have a_____

A.Sports day B.sport day .C.sports day

( )9.I’m the______.

A. winer B.win C.winner

( )10.I’m going to___the high jump. A.do B.make C.have

( )11.what’s that? It’s_____animal. A.the B.an C.a

( )12.Happy birthday.Amy. A.Thank you B.excuse me C.ok

( )13.we can go to the park______july. A.on B.at C.in

( )14.好朋友过生日时.你应该怎么祝福她__

A. i’m very happy B. happy birthday to you C.thank you

( )15. 当别人祝你生日快乐时.你应该说___

A.Yes.I’m B.Of course C.thank you very much

( )16.你想知道有多少人在7月过生日时.你应该说____

A.how much birthday are there in july?

B.how are you in july?

C.how many birthys are there in july

( )17.大明想知道 Sam来自哪里时.应该怎么说____

A.what are you doing .Sam?

B.where are you from.Sam?

C.what are you going to do.Sam?

( )18.lingling的妈妈想知道她想吃什么时.应该怎么说___

A.Do you want some rice B. do you want rices

( )19.姐姐有一个运动日.你祝福她应该怎么说____

A.come on B.thank you C.good luck

( )20.你为运动场上的运动员加油时.你应该说______

A.Come! B.come in please. C.come on! 三、用所给单词的适当形式填空。10分 1. Can I _____(have)some bread?

2. He’s hungry. he wants some_____(sweet)

3. I don’t like January and February. it’s cold and there___(be) snow.

4. I’m____ (go)to go to Hongkong in July 5. He____ (love) February.

四、连词成句。(20分) 1.Sports we have are going a day to. 2. to luck you good.

3.going to Hainan we’re go to

4. are five there in birthdays july .

5. going to get up 5o’clock at we’re

6. jump far she can.

7. do Sam what can?

8. from am I china.

9. on turn light the.

10. your what’s name? 




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