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四上册 Module 2 测试卷

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四年级英语上册 Module 2 测试题 五、把下列单词所缺的字母补充完整,并写出汉语。

一. Read and choose the words. near next to up in at p nk st tion ro d l ve 1).The bus is going ______ the hill. 2).It’s __________ a supermarket. 3).I live ____ No.2 West Lake Road. 4).It’s ______ the houses. 5).Look ____ these pictures.

名姓 二.Read and draw.(读一读,画一画。)

1) Go straight on. 2) Turn left. 3) Turn right.

4) Go up the hill. 5) Go down the hill. 6) Twelve pencils. 级 班

三. Read and match the number.(把左右两边英语与数字连起来。)

1)six and nine a.90 A. nineteen 2) thirteen and eight b.87 B. twenty-one 3) fifteen and four c.15 C. ninety

4) eighty and ten d.19 D. eighty-seven 5) seventy and seventeen e.21 E. fifteen


Ee Jj Tt

wh te h ll d wn n ar

六. 为下列问句选择正确的答语(连线) . 1、Have you got a pen ? a. Turn right .

2.Where’s West Lake Road? b. I'm fine, Thank you . 3.Where is it ? c It's under the desk

4、How are you ? d Yes, I have . 5.Tank you very much ! e. You’re welcome.


1、one here red a is .____________________________________ 2、a purple this bag is .____________________________________

3 、 you a lion got have ? ____________________________________

4、have got l points twenty-two. __________________________ 七、翻译句子。

1.Have you got an elephant? Yes , I have.2.20+8=28 _________________________________________

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