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Passage 11 total: 150 words short-term finance, they are generally unwilling to provide money for long-term projects. doing so they can put into circulation the savings of individuals both at home and overseas.

Many of the services required both by industry are provided by the Government or by local authorities. The government, local authorities, and state-owned enterprises therefore frequently need to borrow money to finance major capital spending, and they too, come to the Stock Exchange.

The Stock Exchange exists to provide a channel through which these savings can reach those who need finance.



1. Almost all companies involved in new production and development must______.d

A. depend on their own ability to raise sufficient money

B. talk the banks into providing long-term finance

C. borrow large sums of money from friends and friends

D. rely on the whole population as a source of financial support.

2. The money which enables these companies to go ahead with their projects is______.c

A. repaid to its owners as quikly as possible

B. raised by the selling of shares in the companies

C. exchanged for the participation of business in a company

D. invested in different companies on the Stock exchange.

3. Which is NOT mentioned as a party which rely on Stock Exchange in the passage?d

A. Large compamies. B. Government departments.

C. Local authorities D. Stock speculators

4. All the essential services on which we depend are______.b

A. run by the government or our local authorities.

B. in constant need of financial support.

C. financed wholly by rates and taxes.

D. unable to provide for the needs of the population.

5. The Stock Exchange makes it possible for the Government, local authorities and nationalised


A. to borrow as much money as they wish

B. to make people save money

C. to collect money to funding new projects

D. to ensure the public to lend them much money

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