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Lesson 3

师生交流 木头人游戏 练一练

知识回顾 读读写写 红旗不倒 小结 语音学习

Let’s chant

Let’s sing

Let’s talk

Where are they ?

the Children’s Center
go to the Children’s Center want to go to the Children’s Center Do you want to go to the Children’s Center?

What is she / he doing?

He / She ’s ….

Read and write




What are you doing, Sarah?

I am answering the phone.

Now, everybody. Do an action.

What are you doing, Amy?

I am doing the dishes.

What are you doing? drawing pictures

reading book

doing the dishes answering the phone


Zoom: What a big Computer Center! Zip: Yes. Our friends are all here. Zoom: What are they doing? Zip: Let’s go and see. What are you doing? Zoom: ___________________ I’m reading a book. Monkey: ___________________

Zoom: But where is the book? Monkey: It’s here in the computer. Zoom: That’s nice. are you doing? Zip: What __________________ I’m drawing pictures. Goat: ___________________ Zip: But where is your paintbrush? Goat: There is no paintbrush. I have this. Zip: It’s a nice picture!


Hi. What are you doing? I am drawing pictures. I’m doing the dishes. What are you doing?

Read and write
This is Zhang Peng.
What are you doing? I’m doing the dishes. I’m reading a book.

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