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:号学 :名姓 :级班 :校学 上海师范大学康城实验学校2011学年第一学期 六年级英语期末试卷 (完卷时间70分钟,满分100分) 命题人:谌海兰 2011-12

Part 1 Listening(第一部分 听力)(共24分) I. Listen and choose the right picture. (6分) A B C D E F G 1._______ 2. ________ 3. _______ 4. ______ 5._______ 6. _________ II. Listen to the dialogue and choose the best answer to the question you hear.(根据你听到的对话和问题,选出最恰当的答案):(7分) ( ) 1. A. Yes, he has. B. No, he hasn’t. C. Yes, he does. D. No, he doesn’t. ( ) 2. A. A teacher.

B. A policeman.


C. A doctor.

( ( ( ( (

D. A policewoman.

) 3. A. Go to the cinema.

C. Wash the dishes. ) 4. A. Five.

C. Eight.

B. Play football. B. Three.

D. Go to the beach.

D. Nine.

B. Next weekday.

D. Next Friday. B. 15:11. D. 11:20.

B. By bike.

) 5. A. Next weekend

C. This weekend. ) 6. A. 11:15.

C. 11:10.

) 7. A. By underground.

C. By bus. D. On foot.

true or false. (判断下列句子是否符合你所听到的短文内容,符合的用“T”表示,不符合的用“F”表示) (6分)

III. Listen to the passage and tell whether the following statements are

( ) 1.Paul is going to do some shopping today. ( ) 2.The supermarket is near their house. ( ) 3.They are going to the supermarket by car. ( ) 4.Paul wants to buy a video game machine.

( ) 5.Paul’s father is going to buy many other things for the next week. ( ) 6.Paul can play video games all the time now.

IV. Listen to the passage and fill in the blanks. ( 根据所听到的内容,完成短文,每空格限填一词):(5分)

Near my house there is a big old tree. A ______ bird lives in the tree. I feed(喂养)the bird every ________. The bird sees me and flies down on my ______ and eats the food. After that it flies back to the nest.

I like the bird and the bird likes me. My _______ and I will move to another city next month. ____ can I do for it ?



Part 2 Vocabulary and Grammar (第二部分 词汇与语法) (39分) I. Write down the words according to the phonetic symbols. (5分)

1. There is a _______ store near the street corner. /dI'pa:tm?nt/

2. When we are in the library, we should keep _____ . /kwaI?t/

3. My _______ food is potatoes. /feIv?reIt/

4. It takes me about ten ______ to get there. / 'mInIts /

5. The People’s Square is in the _______ of Shanghai. /’sent?/ II. Choose the best answer. (15分)

( ) 1. I must use the lift _____the middle.

A.with B. on C. at D. in

( ) 2. ______ does it take you to get there?

A. How far B. How long C. Where is D. How much

( ) 3. The boy can’t hear _____ speak.

A. or B. and C. but D. also

( ) 4. Would you like ________ dinner with me?

A. cook B. to cook C. to cooking D. cooks

( ) 5. Miss Wang is telling her students ______flowers in the park.

A. not to pick B. not pick C. don’t pick D. not to pick up

( ) 6. –Where is your father? ---He ______ his office.

A. has been to B. will go to C. has gone to D. went to

( ) 7. What would you like ______breakfast, noodles or rice?

A. to B. for C. with D. of

( ) 8. –Must I go to the library at weekends? --No, you ______

A. mustn’t B. needn’t C. can’t D. may not

( ) 9. Alice lives_____ school, so she goes to school _______.

A. far from, by bus B. far from, by a bus

C. far, take a bus D.far away, by bus

( )10. Don’t forget to turn ______TV before you go to bed.

A. off B. on C. to D. in 3

( ) 11. It _____ him an hour to finish his work yesterday.

A. spent B. cost C. takes D. took

( ) 12. Would you like ______ tomato and egg soup?

A. little B. some C. any D. few

( ) 13. Boys and girls, _____ the things you see on your way to school.

A. drawing B. draw C.draws D. to draw

( ) 14. ----Let’s visit the Yu Garden tomorrow.

---- __________.

A. That’s all right B.Yes, I do.

C. That’s right D. All right.

( ) 15. ----Can I help you?

---- __________.

A. No, you can’t. B.Yes, you can.

C. I want a box of bacon D. Of course not.

Ⅲ. Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms. (6分)

1. If you don’t know the _____ (mean)of the word, you can ask me.

2. We spent five days _______(travel) around Hainan Island last week.

3. The children are playing _______(happy) on the playground.

4. Look! Your mother is cooking _____ (fry) chicken wings in the kitchen.

5. Excuse me, can you tell me the _______ (enter) to the supermarket?

6. ______(potato) are my favourite food.

Ⅳ. Rewrite the following sentences as required. (9分)

1. Don’t chase each other. (保持句子意思不变)

We ______ chase each other.

2. (划线部分提问)

______ ______ can we use?

3. (划线部分提问)

_________ ________ he go to school every day?


4. Let’s play badminton together! (保持句子意思不变)

_______ ________ play badminton together ?

5. How much was the garlic? (保持句子意思不变) How much _____ the garlic ______?

Ⅴ. Rearrange the words to form correct sentences. (4分)

1. We, bicycle, park, left, the, must, on, (.)


2. What, sign, mean, the, does, (?)


3. kind, what, fruit, of, you, like, would, (?)


4. When, Peter, on, bus, the, is, he, boards, many, sees, advertisement, (.)

________________________________________________________ Part 3 Reading and Writing (第三部分 阅读与写作) (37分) VI. Reading comprehension. (27分)


When you are in England, you must be very careful in the street because the traffic drives on the left. Before you cross a street, you must look to the right first and then the left.

In the morning and in the evening when people go to work and come from work, the streets are very busy. Traffic is the most dangerous then. When you go by bus in England, you have to be careful, too. Always remember the traffic moves on the left, so you must be careful. Have a look first, or you will go the wrong way.

In many English cities, there are big buses with two floors. You can sit on the second floor. From there, you can see the city very well. It’s very interesting.

True or false (5分)


( )1. People in England drive their cars on the left.

( )2. In the morning or in the evening, the streets are very busy.

( )3. You must look to the left first when you cross the street in England.

( )4. The buses also move on the left in England.

( )5. All the buses in England have two floors.


Choose the best answer (5分)

Mark Twain was an American writer. One day, he went to Canada by train. He wanted to see his friends there. He was a very busy man. He usually forgot something.

When he was on the train, the conductor(列车员) asked him for his ticket. Mark Twain looked for the ticket here and there, but he couldn’t find it. The conductor knew Mark Twain. She said,‘Show me your ticket on your way back. And if you can’t find it, it doesn’t matter.’

‘Oh, but I must find the ticket,’ said Mark Twain , ‘If I can’t find it, how can I know where I ‘m going.’

1.Where was Mark Twain from?

A.He was Amercian. B. He was English.

C. He was French. D.He was Canadian.

2. What job did he do?.

A. He was a conductor. B. He was a writer

C. He was a train driver. D. He was a worker.

3. How was he?

A. He was very kind. B. He was never angry.

C. He kept his promise D. He was very forgetful.(健忘的)

4. The conductor asked him to _________.

A. buy a ticket B. show her the ticket on his way back

C. get off the train D. see a policeman

5. How did he go to Canada?


A. By bus B. On foot C. By plane D. By train C

Singapore (新加坡) is the clearest city in Asia.It is also the smallest city in Asia, but the restaurants are just as good as those in other countries.It is a green city with beautiful gardens and parks .So it is called garden city. The Bird Park is a very interesting place to visit in Singapore.It is about twelve kilometres away from the centre of the city, it is easy to go there by bus or by taxi.

The Bird Park is one of the biggest parks in the world . There are hundreds of beautiful birds from many different places of the world. There is a big lake in the park .There is a very big cage and you can walk inside the cage.It takes about two hours to see all of the birds.

Answer the questions (5分)

1. What is Singapore called ?

It is called____________________.

2. How can we go to the Bird Park?


3. Where do hundreds of beautiful birds come from?

They come from________________of the world.

4. Is the Bird Park one of the biggest park in the world?


5. What do you think of Singapore?



Choose the words or expressions and complete the passage (6分): Dear Dr White,

I’m not happy. I have too __1_ rules in my family. I must __2___ at 6:00 every morning. I can’t __3__ my friends after school __4__I must take my dog for a walk. I can’t watch TV on school nights. And I should 7

__5_ in bed by ten o’clock. At weekends, I have to clean my room and wash my clothes. Then I have to help my mother make dinner. I never have any fun. __6_ can I do?

( )1. A. many B. much C. a few D. a little ( )2. A. go to bed B. get up C.go home D.sleep ( )3. A. watch B. look C. meet D. talk ( )4. A. so B. then C. because D. why ( )5. A. be B. is C. am D. are ( )6. A. What B. How C. Where D. Who


Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words. (6分)

E__1_____ year thousands of people get hurt(受伤) or die in road accidents(交通事故).H__2__ can we make the roads safer? First, we must obey(遵守) the traffic rules. If e_3____ obeys the rules, the roads will be much safer. In our country, traffic keeps on the right side of the road. Second, we must stop and look both ways before crossing the road. Look left, look right, and then look left a__4____. Then, if we are s____5_ that the road is clear, we can cross the road. Third, it is good to h__6_____ children, old people or blind people cross the road. Last, we must never play in the street.

VII. Writing: ( 10分)

Write at least 50 words about the topic “On my way to…”


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