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Last Sunday, (Mike) was very busy. On Sunday morning, he (did his homework )and ( helped his mother clean the room). After lunch, he (did the dishes )and( read a storybook). In the afternoon, he (went to visit his grandparents )and (watched TV )with them. He went home at 7:00 P.M. He was very happy.

上个星期日,(迈克)是非常忙。在星期日早上,他(做他的作业)和(帮助他的母亲 清洁的室)。午餐后,他 (做的菜)和( 读一本故事书)。的下午在,他(去到访问他的祖父母和(看电视)与他们。他去家在7:00点他是非常快乐。

Last summer holiday,My family had gone to HongKong ,At the morning ,my father drive the car to Shenzhen,After the lunch,we take the car to HongKong,HongKong is a center of fanancial.There are many people in there,We just go shopping ,then ,we had a good dinner.

The next day ,we gone to the Ocean Park,it was very intersting and wonderful.The good expression was the informce of the dophin,They could save people,also could show many things.They are very smart!

I like HongKong very much !

去年暑假,我们一家人去了香港。一早,爸爸先开车到深圳,我们吃完中饭之后,就坐地铁到香港了。香港是个金融中心,到处人山人海,我们只是逛了一下,就去吃晚餐了。 第二天,我们去了海洋公园,那里可好玩啦!最让人印象深刻的是海豚表演。它们会救人,会表演特技,真聪明。



It’s sunny day. I am doing my homework while my mother is washing the dishes in the kitchen. My father is reading a piece of newspaper and my brother is playing with his toys. And our dog is lying under the sun shine enjoying the sunlight. The children outside is singing and dancing. We all have a good day!


It's eight o'clock in the evening. My mother is washing the dishes. My father is cleaning the room. My grandparents are watching TV in their room. My little brother is playing computer games. I am reading an interesting book . We are all busy now. 现在是晚上八点。我的母亲是洗盘子。我的父亲正在打扫房间。我的祖父母在他们的房间里看电视。我的小弟弟在玩电脑游戏。我在读一本有趣的书。我们大家都很忙。

I am in the park now. Look, there are lots of people in the park. Some of them are dancing. Some are boating and some are climbing the moutain. A lot of people are taking photos. Some old men are playing chess under the big tree. They are all very happy.


将来进行时 1) 概念:表示将来某时进行的状态或动作,或按预测将来会发生的事情。

She'll be coming soon.

I'll be meeting him sometime in the future.

注意:将来进行时不用于表示"意志",不能说 I'll be having a talk with her.


Soon, tomorrow, this evening,on Sunday, by this time,tomorrow, in two days, tomorrow evening

By this time tomorrow, I'll be lying on the beach.


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