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Unit 7 Rules round us


What are these?


We usually use signs to tell about rules.

We must keep quiet.
We must wait for the green light (man).

in the library
on the road in the street

Don’t walk on the grass. in the park We mustn’t walk on the grass. Don’t…= We must not/mustn’t…
Don’t run. We mustn’t run. in the classroom

Don’t…= We must not/mustn’t…
Don’t turn right. We must not turn right. Don’t ride bicycles. We must not ride bicycles. Don’t enter. We must not enter.

Don’t walk across the road.
We must not walk across the road.

Look and read

Where do we have rules? Do you know? We have rules in the classroom.

1 2 3 4

We have rules in the library.


We have rules on the road.

We have rules in the park.

1 2 3 4

Pair work
keep quiet leave rubbish climb the trees make our beds draw on our desks run across the road sing loudly at night eat or drink pick the flowers draw on our desks listen to our teachers wait for the green man walk on the grass
in the library in the park
on the road

in the classroom at home

A: What must/mustn’t we do

when we are__________?
B: We must/mustn’t _________ when we are __________.

Listen and match
a b c d





b 2___ g 3___ d 4___ f 5___ c 6___ h 7___ a 8____ e 1___

1 Don’t walk on the grass.
2 Don’t leave rubbish. 3 Don’t enter. 4 Don’t eat or drink.

5 Don’t climb the trees.
6 Don’t talk loudly. 7 Don’t turn left. 8 Don’t run.

Pair work
a b c d





Look at the above signs again. In pairs, discuss their meaning and make a dialogue.

S1: S2: S1: S2:

What does Sign a mean? We must not … Where can we find it? We can find it in a library. in a park. on a road.

Look and read

What does this sign mean? Where can we find it?

We must not eat or drink.

We can find it in a library.

Write and say
? Choose a place from ‘in the classroom’, ‘in the library’, ‘on the road’, ‘in the park’ or ‘at home’. Write more rules for each place.

Rules in /on/ at __________
1. We must …__________ 2. We must not…__________ 3. ____________________________ 4. ____________________________

We must obey these rules!

1. rules round us 2. rules and signs 3. in the library 4. in the classroom 5. on the road 6. in the park 7. walk on the grass 8. play basketball 9. leave rubbish 10.wait for the green man 我们周围的规则 规则和标志 在图书馆里 在教室里 在马路上 在公园里 在草地上走 打篮球 扔垃圾 等候绿灯

11. keep quiet 12. listen to our teachers 13. draw on our desks 14. run across the road 15. pick the flowers 16. climb the trees 17. talk loudly 18. Don’t enter. 19. turn left 20. must not(mustn’t) do sth 保持安静 听老师讲课 在课桌上涂画 跑着过马路 摘花 爬树 大声讲话 禁止进入。 向左转 禁止做某事

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