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6上R2read and answer课件

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Zhaoqing,Deqing, Wulong primary school,Miss Lu

1. Who is Zhang Peng’s secret pen pal? It’s ______.

A. Mike.

B. Amy.

B. Amy.

C. John.

2. Where is Amy’s home? She lives ____ a hospital. C. next to A. behind B. in front of C. next to

3. What does Amy’s mother do? She is _______. A. a doctor B. a teacher C. a singer

A. a doctor

Zhang Peng has a pen pal. What does he know about his pen pal? Let’s read.

Read and judge 阅读短文,判断T 误F 1.ZhangPen`s pen pal is a girl. T 2.John`s favourite color is blue. F T 3.Amy`s mother is a doctor. F 4.Amy goes to school by bike. T 5.Red is Amy`s favourite color. F 6.Mike likes noodles.


Answer the questions.
1. Who is Zhang Peng’s secret pen pal? 2. What is Amy’s favourite colour? 3. What is Amy’s favourite food? 4. How does she go to school?

Zhang Peng`s secret pen pal is Amy.

Her favourite color is red.
Her favourite food is noodles.

She goes to school on foot. Her mother is a doctor.

5. What does Amy’s mother do?

How often do you water your flower? Once a day? Twice a day?Let`s read article

Put it under the sun. Water it. Dig the soil.

Important language points: 1.帮助某人做某事 help sb. to do sth. send letters 2.送信 3.一星期一次 once a week go to school on foot 4.走着去上学 next to 5.紧挨着 know a lot 6.了解很多 the same day have science lesson 7.同一天 take their plants to school 8.上科学课 even taller and stronger 9.带他们的植物去学校 twice a day 10.甚至又高又壮 belong to

1 3
Recy cle 2 4


Tranlate Chinese into English (我是翻译家)

2.送信 3.一星期一次

help sb. to do sth. send letters


once a week go to school on foot

Tranlate Chinese into English (我是翻译家) 1.紧挨着 next to know a lot the same day have science lesson

3.同一天 4.上科学课

Tranlate Chinese into English (我是翻译家 1.带他们的植物去学校 take their plants to school 2.甚至又高又壮 even taller and stronger twice a day 3.一天两次 belong to 4.属于


1. His pen pal`s favourite color is blue(改为 疑问句) Is his pen pal`s favourite color blue?

2.We have three plants (改为疑问句) Do you have three plants?
3.His pen pal`s mother is a doctor.(就划线 What does his pen pal`s mother do? 部分提问)


My friend is a ______. _____ father is a _____._____ mother is a _____. They live next to a_____. My friend’s favorite food is ______ . ______is ______ favorite color.



1. Listen and fill in the form.

father mother


aunt grandpa grandma

Tv reporter listening to music singer swimming policeman diving taxi driver collecting stamps farmer drawing pictures farmer drawing pictures

Where does the flower come from? What’s in that tiny seed? If I want to grow a flower, What tools do I need? I know I nee

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