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构成:be 动词 实义动词

肯定句:主语+ was\were+其他。 肯定句:主语+动词过去式+其他。 否定句:主语+was’t\were’t+其他。 否定句: 主语+didn’t+动词原形+其他。 一般疑问句:Was\Were+主语+其他? 一般疑问句:Did+主语+动词原形+其他? 特殊疑问句:疑问词+一般疑问句? 特殊疑问句:疑问词+一般疑问句? 时间状语:before 以前 yesterday 昨天 last week 上周 2 days ago 2天前



构成:be 动词 实义动词

肯定句:主语+be动词+其他。 肯定句:非单三主语+动词原形+其他。 单三主语+动词+s\es+其他。

否定句:主语+be动词+not+其他。 否定句:非单三主语+don’t+动词原形+其他。 单三主语+doesn’t+动词原形+其他。 一般疑问句:Be动词+主语+其他? 一般疑问句:Do+非单三主语+动词原形+其他? Does+单三主语+动词原形+其他?

特殊疑问句:疑问词+ 一般疑问句? 特殊疑问句:疑问词+ 一般疑问句?

时间状语:now 现在 look 看 listen 听

3.情态动词can 意思是 能 ,可以。否定形式 can’t 意思是 不能,不可以 。后接动词原形。



1.My grandma _______(be ) a driver before.

2.What did she _______(driver)? She _______(drive) a bus.

3.My grandpa _______(be) a flute player bef?re.

4.What music did he_____聟 (play )? He_______!p|a9 ) Chines% music.

5.My mother _____(be) a teacher?now.

6.What d?eq she __?_( teach)?!She____W? (teach) English.

7.Wh?re dI? she _______ (work?)?She _______(wopk )in a schoo聬.

8.What does he ____ (work )?He ____(work) in a shop .

9.What do your parents _____(work )? They _____(work) in a factory.

10.She ____ (be) young in this picture.

11.I can ______ (play) the flute, too .

12.What ______ (be) he before ? He ____ (be) a doctor .

13.What _______(be) he now? He ____ (be) a teacher.

14.What does he ______(teach)? He _______ (teach)English.


( ) 1.What music ___he play?He played Chinese music.

A did B do C does D didn’t

( )2.She ____ a driver before .

A is B was C are D were

( )3.What did he drive ? He ____ a bus .

A drive B drives C drove D driving

( )4.I can ____ the flute .

A play B played C plays D playing

( )5.Lingling is ___ England with Sam and Amy.

A in B at C on D about

( )6.She was young ___ this picture .

A about B at C in D on

( )7.She worked in ___ office .

A a B \ C an D the

( )8.Where did your grandpa work?He _____ in a factory.

A work B works C worked D working

( )9.What did she_____? She played the flute.

A play B plays C playing D played

( )10.He worked ____ a factory.

A on B in C at D under


1.My grandma was a d________ before.

2.What did she d______? She d_________ a bus.

3.My grandpa was a flute p______ before.

4.What music did he p_____? He p_____Chinese music.

5.I can play the f_____ ,too.

6.He worked in an o____.

7.Where do your p________work? They work in a shop.


1.What did she drive? She drove a bus.

2.What music did he play ? He played Chinese music.

3.Who’s this? It’s my grandpa.

4.What was he before? He was a doctor.

5.What did he do? He helped children.

6.What is he now? He is a teacher.

7.What does he teach? He teaches English .

8.Where did your grandpa work? He worked in an office.

9.What do your parents work? They work in a shop.

10.What were you before? I was a doctor.

11.What did you do ? I helped people.

12.What are you now? I’m a teacher.

13.What do you do ? I teach English.


in with

1.She was young ____ this picture.

2.Lingling is _____English ________ Sam and Amy.

3.He worked ___ an office.


1.was before she driver a .

2.did drive what she ?

3.music play what did he ?

4.Chinese he played music .

5.worked office he an in .

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