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一、听录音,选出你听到的单词(听两遍)。5’ ( )1、A、horse B、house C、course ( )2、A、cat B、hat C、chat

( )3、A、farther B、father C、other ( )4、A、right B、nights C、nice :( )5、A、basketball B、football C、baseball 名姓二、听录音,按听到的顺序在图片下方标出正确序号(听两遍)。5’

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) :三、听录音,选择正确答案。(听两遍)5’

级班( )1、A、I’m playing football. B、I’m going to play football. C、I like playing football. ( )2、A、Yes , I do. B、Yes, I did. C、Yes, I am. ( )3、A、No, he doesn’t. B、No, I don’t. C、No, he isn’t.

( )4、A、It’s hers. B、Yes, it is. C、Your is. :校( )5、A、It’s over there. B、About 5 minutes. C、About 3 kilometres. 学四、根据听到的对话,选择正确答案。(听两遍)5’ ( )1、Where is Mr Wang From?

A、Chengdu B、Xi’an C、Beijing

( )2、How does Mr Wang come to chengdu?

A、by ship B、by bus C、by train

( )3、When did it snow in xi’an?

A、Last night B、Last week C、Last month

( )4、Is it warmer in chengdu than in xi’an?

A、No, it isn’t B、Yes, it is. C、It’s as warm as in xi’an. ( )5、Does Mr Wang like warm weather?


A、Yes, he does. B、No, he doesn’t. C、he likes warm weather.

五、听短文,根据内容判断正误,正确的写“T”,错误的写“F”(听三遍)10’ ( )1、Ben is going to see his teacher.

( )2、The shopping centre is near the post office. ( )3、They want to buy some kites. ( )4、David is going with them.

( )5、David and his mother want to watch a race.


一、单项选择,序号填在题前括号中。10’ 1、David jumped them Gao Shan.

A、father B、far C、farther 2、I’d like Helen soon.

A、to write B、to write to C、to witing to 3、Whose bag is bigger, or ?

A、your B、yours, my C、yours mine 4、We can have outing in autumn.

A、an, the B、an, / C、a , the 5、Where’s shopping center? It’s WenChangRoad.

A、at B、on C、in 6、You and I like listening to music. We have the same .

A、both, hobbies B、are, hobby C、both, hobby 7、I usually at half past six in the morning.

A、get up B、gets up C、got up 8、What you do today? I’m going to see a movie.

A、do, going to B、are, going to C、are, want 9、 you like to join us?

A、Can B、Do C、Would 10、YangLing than all the other students.

A、read better B、reads good C、reads better.

二、在II栏中选出I栏中各小题的应答句,序号填在题前括号中。10’ ( )1、Who studies better, Betty or Rose? A、It’s under the tree. ( )2、Is WangBing as tallas LiuTao?

B、Yes, she did.

( )3、How far is the post office from here? C、No, they aren’t. ( )4、How many stops are there?

D、I’m going to watch TV. ( )5、Did SuYang watch cartoons last week? E、She is my friend. ( )6、What are you going to do tomorrow? F、Only two.

( )7、Where’s GaoShan’s bike?

G、They are having a lesson.

( )8、Can I play football now? H、About two kilometers away. ( )9、Who is kate?

I、I think, Betty does. ( )10、What are they doing?

J、No, you can’t.

三、用所给单词组合成一个句子,注意字母大小写和标点。10’ 1、be want penfriend I to his

2、 do today to you going are What


3、weather summer there What’s in the like

4、Museum me you to tell Can the the way.


than am taller


四、用所给单词填空,每空一词。10’ about


teacher are teaches with

something at classrooms to From


Dear GaoShan.

How are you? It’s very nice of you to write me. Your letter I

know a lot you and your school now. I will tell you about me and my


I’m eleven old. I’m in class 3 Grade 5 at TouQiao school. My mother is a maths. My father is an engineer. He’s good his work.


There 900 students and 60 teachers in our school. Our are big

and bright.

Yours WangBin.


than mine. I think it’s Mr. Black’s. C: Oh, yes, it’.

A: You can’t put it here. You must C: You are right. But it’s ’A: Let me you. C: Thanks.

( ) 1. A. whose B. Who’s C. Whose D. Whose’s ( ) 2. A. you B. your C. yours D. mine ( ) 3. A. heavy B. light C. big D. small ( ) 4. A. heavier B. heavy C. heavyer D. heavies ( ) 5. A. book B. bag C. light D. room ( ) 6. A. I B. my C. mine D. his ( ) 7. A. take B. put C. give D. new ( ) 8. A. light B. old C. heavy D. new

( ) 9. A. help B. carry C. take D. put

( ) 10. A. give B. help C. find D. See


Sam is my penfriend. There are five people in his family. His father is a teacher.

His mother is a nurse. He has a sister and a brother. His sister is twenty minutes younger than his brother. They are all middle school students now. They are in the same school. They go to school together every day. They are all good at PE. They are American, but they can speak a little Japanese. They lived in Japan last year. They would like to come to china next year. I hope they will come soon.

( )1、Sam is not a Japanese boy.

( )2、His brother and sister are the same age.

( )3、His brother and sister are in primary school.

( )4、They can’t speak English.

( )5、They live in Japan now.


It is Saturday.The Browns are at home.Mrs Brown is in the kitchen.She’s making apple pies.The pies she makes are very delicious.Do you want to have a taste?Mr Brown isn’t in the living room.He is outside.He is washing his car.The car is new and very beautiful.So he looks after it very well.Jim is in the garden.He is playing football with some other boys.Where is his sister,Sue?She’s in her bedroom with her friend,Ann.They are watching the Animal World.

1 There are _____ people in Mr Brown’s family.

A six B four C two D three

2 Mrs Brown is ____.

A making apple pies B watching TV C cooking D eating a cake

3 Mr Brown looks after _____very well.

A Mrs Brown B his daughter C his family D his car

4 Who are playing outside? _____

A Mrs Brown and Sue B Some boys C Sue and Ann D Some girls

5 Sue and Ann are ____.

A watching TV in the living room B playing football in the open air

C watching TV in Sue's room D playing in Ann's room


砖墙小学英语6B期末测试模拟试卷 听力稿


1、Look at this photo of my house.

2、They had a chat yesterday.

3、Jim jumps farther than David.

4、In summer the nights are short.

5、I often play baseball.


1、Do you and your father go jogging every day? Yes, We do.

2、What are you going to do tomorrow?

We are going to have a pinic.

3、Who gets up earlier, the boy or the girl? The boy.

4、Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the train station?

You can take bus No.26.

5、I like winter best.

Because I can make snowmen.


1、What are you going to do tomorrow?

2、Did you watch cartoons yesterday?

3、Does your pen friend like computer games?

4、Whose school bag is heavier, your or mine?

5、How far is it from here?


Miss Li: Hi, Mr Wang! I’m glad to see you again.

Mr Wang: I’m glad to see you, too.

Miss Li: Did you have a good sleep last night?

Mr Wang: Yes, thanks. I had a good sleep on the train.

Miss Li: What’s the weather like in Xi’an?

Mr Wang: It’s very cold. It snowed last week. Is it very cold in chengdu? Miss Li: No, it’s warm.

Mr Wang: Oh, that’s good. I don’t like the cold weather.

Miss Li: I’m sure you’ll have a good time here.

Mr Wang: All right.


Ben is going to see his parents in New York. He is going to buy some presents with his friend Liu Tao. They want to buy some kiets at the shopping centre near their school. David isn’t going with them, because he and his dad want to watch a race.


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