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镇 区



一、Listen and choose(听录音, 选出跟录音相符合的一项,并将其字母编号填在题前的括号里 )(每小题1分,共10分)

学 校

班 别

姓 名

( ) 1、A. home B. hotel C. hospital

( ) 2、A. train B. plane C. rain

( ) 3、A. window B. spring C. winter ( ) 4、A. first B. third C. fourth ( ) 5、A. at 2:30p.m. B. at 3:30p.m. C. at 3:30a.m. ( ) 6、A. playing basketball B. playing chess

C. playing computer games

( ) 7、A. collect stamps B. collect leaves C. pick up leaves. ( ) 8、A. They are going to plant flowers.

B. They are going to plant vegetables. C. They are going to plant trees.

( ) 9、A. I have 50 books. B. I have 15 books.

C. I have 13 books.

( ) 10、A. It’s Sunday. B. It’s sunny. C. It’s Saturday.

二、Listen and judge 听录音, 判断句子或图片的是否与录音内容相符, 相符的在

相应题号下的括号内 打“√” , 不相符的打“×”(每小题1分,共10分)

1、( ) 2、( 3、( )

学 号

4、( 5、( )


( )6. I went swimming yesterday.

( )7. My sister is younger.

( )8. You look so angry.

( )9. Mary is 140cm tall.

( )10. Jack’s apple is smaller

三、Listen and answer( 根据你在录音中的问题,将下面每组答句中最合适的答案选出来,


( ) 1. A. I like swimming. B. My favourite food is fish.

C. I like reading books.

( ) 2. A. He is forty years old. B. He is sixty kg. C. He is 172cm.

( ) 3. A. I am going to go fishing. B. I want to be a policeman.

C. I am going to be sad.

( ) 4. A. I do my homework at home. B. I watched TV at home.

C. I bought a magazine.

( ) 5. A. I want a bag. B. I don’t want this green bag.

C. I like that red bag.

四、Listen and fill(根据录音内容填写下列句子中所缺的单词, 使句子完整,每空只填一词,每词1分,共10分)

1. I am going to the______. Are you going to the _______?

2. 3. In ______we go swimming and in ________ we fly kites..

4. A: What ______is it today? B: It’s ______today.

5. A: Are you _______ than Li Hua? B: Yes, but he is _______ than me.

五、Listen and judge(根据你在录音中听到的内容判断句子的对错,相符的在相应题号下的括号内打“√” , 不相符的打“×”,每小题2分,共10分)

( ) 1. My aunt is pretty.

( ) 2. My uncle is a writer. He writes stories.

( ) 3. My aunt works in Dong Guan, but my uncle works in Shanghai.

( ) 4. They go to work by plane.

( ) 5. My aunt is busy.



六、Read the conversation and choose the answers补全对话。(选择合适的句子,将对话补充完整, 将字母编号填在横线上,每条横线2分,共10分。) C. When are you going? D. Where are you going on your holiday? E. Yes, I am. F. No, it isn’t. G. Yes, it is.


B:I’m going to Beijing on my holiday.


B: I’m going to visit my grandparents and take pictures.

A:Are you going to visit the Great Wall?

B: A:B:I’m going by train with my parents.

A:Is it very cold in Beijing now?

B:’s summer. It’s hot.

七、 Read and choose the answers (阅读短文,选择正确的答案,并将其字母符号填在


Aunt Jane’s birthday is coming. She will be 40 years old. She is my Dad’s sister. Dad and Mum are going to take me to her house. We are going there by subway. We are leaving on Friday evening. And we are coming back on Sunday afternoon. The birthday party will be on Saturday. I am going to give her a card. I am making it now.

( ) 1. Aunt Jane is now.

( ) 2. We are going there:


八、Choose the words and finish the paragraph (选择合适的词填空,使短文的内容完整,3 A. 39 B. 40 A. by bus B. by subway B. make A. on Saturday. B. on Sunday A. doesn’t live B. lives ( ) 3. I am going to a card for my aunt. A. buy ( ) 5. Aunt Jane with us.


( take taking make makes making work works likes like is are come comes study )

Linda and Mary are good friends. Linda is an American girl. Mary ________from London. They ________ in the same school. Linda’s parents ________in a school. They teach English. They________ cooking and eating Chinese food. They can speak Chinese. Mary’s mother is a salesperson. She can ________ beautiful blouses and dresses. Mary’s father________ in a factory. He________ cars. He ________doing housework. Now he ________doing the dishes. They are going to ________pictures next weekend.

九、Write down the question according to the answers.(根据答句写问句。第小题2分,



Chen Jie:She is an accountant.

2、John:? (2)

Zhang Peng:He likes riding a bike.

3、Sarah: ? (3)

Mike:No, I am going to read newspapers. bookstore

4、Liu Yun:? hospital (4)

Policeman:The hospital is in front of the bookstore.


Tom:Mike goes to Guangzhou by train.


____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 4


一、Listen and choose(听录音, 选出跟录音相符合的一项,并将其字母编号填在题前的括号里 )(每小题1分,共10分)

1、hospital 2、train 3、winter 4、third 5、at 2:30p.m. 6、playing chess 7、pick up leaves 8、They are going to plant flowers. 9、I have 15 books. 10、It’s Saturday. 二、Listen and judge 听录音, 判断句子或图片的是否与录音内容相符, 相符的在相应题号下的括号内 打“√” , 不相符的打“×”(每小题1分,共10分)

1、I washed clothes yesterday. 2、I went fishing last weekend. 3、I played the violin last week. 4、Liu Yun went shopping last Sunday. 5、Wu Yifan read a book yesterday. 6、A: What did you do yesterday? B: I went fishing. 7、A: Is your sister older than you? B: No, she isn’t. 8、A: You look so happy today. B: Yes, I’m going on a big trip. 9、A: I am 143cm tall. What about you, Mary? B: You are 3cm taller than me. 10、A: Whose apple is bigger? B: Jack’s.

三、Listen and answer( 根据你在录音中的问题,将下面每组答句中最合适的答案选出来,并将其前面的字母符号填在句子前面的括号里,每小题2分,共10分)

四、Listen and fill(根据录音内容填写下列句子中所缺的单词, 使句子完整,每空只填一

词,每词1分,共10分) 1、What’s your favourite sport? 2、How old is your father? 3、What are you going to be? 4、Where were you yesterday evening? 5、Which bag do you want?

2. I usually go to school at and go home at .

3. In we go swimming and in we fly kites.

4. is it today? B: It’s today.

5. A: Are you than Li Hua? B: Yes, but he is than me. 五、Listen and judge(根据你在录音中听到的内容判断句子的对错,相符的在相应题号下的括号内打“√” , 不相符的打“×”,每小题2分,共10分)

My aunt is a beautiful woman. She’s an actress on TV. My uncle is a writer. He writes the TV show for my aunt. They work together. Sometimes they work in Dong guan. Sometimes they work in Beijing. They go there by plane. They are very busy. But they enjoy their jobs.


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