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( )1. A. there B. then C. turn D. true

( )2. A. blouse B. house C. nice D. rice

( )3. A. go along B. get there C. get off D. get on

( )4. A. which B. where C. whose D. what

( )5. A. wish B. with C. windy D. window

( )6. A. sports meeting B. shopping centre C. stop thief D. see a play

( )7. A. make noise B. make clothes C. make cake D. make models

( )8. A. Is everyone here? B. Are you here?

C. Are you ready for class? D. Is it far from here?

二、根据听到的内容,用阿拉伯数字给下列图编号(听两遍 6分)

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

三、根据你所听到的内容,选择正确的答语(听两遍 6分)

( )1. A. Well done! B.I hope so. C. That’s all right.

( )2. A. Yes, I do. B.I like winter best. C. Yes, I like winter.

( )3. A. No, she isn’t. B. Yes, she is. C. No, she doesn’t.

( )4. A. It’s the 17th of April. B. It’s Thursday. C. It’s on the 17th of April

( )5. A. Yes, he does. B. Yes, he was. C. Yes ,he is.

( )6. A. We usually plant trees on the hill. B. We usually plant trees in spring.

C. We usually go there on foot.



Hello, my name is Peter. I’m from _______.I in Londen.I can speak English and _______.I like traveling. I’d like to _______ _______.This is David. He _______ _______ stamps. David and I are from the _______ _______.We’re good _______.



( ) 1, A . river B . eat C . worry D . stay

( ) 2, A . pear B . apple C . flower D . banana

( ) 3, A . bread B . milk C . table D . egg

( ) 4, A . tell B . say C . cook D . father

( ) 5,A.basketball B. football C. ball pen D.volleyball

( ) 6,A.summer B.snowy C.winter D.spring


1.( ) --- Where ______ you just now? --- I ________ in the playground.

A. was, were B. was, was C. were, was

2.( A. we shouldn't make any noise on the grass

B. we shouldn't walk on the grass

C. we shouldn't eat or drink on the grass

3.( )-----What is he doing? -----He________back to class.

A.runing B.running C.is running

4.( ).Who is the boy red hair ?

A.with B.in C.by

5.( )I want _______.Can you come with me,please?

A.to go shopping B.to go shop C.go to shop

6.( )_________don’t you play basketball with you classmates?

A.Where B.Why C.what

7.( )I know a lot about football.Now I want to learn ______about it.

A.many B.some C.more

8.( ). is the first day of the week and is the first month of the year.

A. Monday; January B. Sunday; February C. Sunday; January

9.( ) Would you like to drink ?.

A.something B.anything C.thirsty

10.( )We visit our relatives and eat a lot of delious food _________.

A.at Women’s Day B.at Halloween C.at Spring Festival




( )1. Your skateboard is so beautiful. A. They’re theirs.

( )2. Are monkeys as big as elephants? C. Thank you.

( )3. How many postcards can you see? D. I’m hungry.

( )4 Let’s go swimming this afternoon. E. Great!

( )5. Whose wallets are they? F. Yes, I can. .( )6 What’s the matter? H. I’m sorry.

( )7.Can you make a mondel plane? I. I can see seven.

( )8.I’m not so good today. B. No, they aren’t.


1.Zhang Xia doesn’t do (well)than his classmates in PE. He wants to do ( much) exercise in the morning.

2. he (eat)many ice-creams last Sunday?

3. Nancy ( play ) the piano at the concert next week.

4. Mr Green is very5.It’s a 6. How many

7.Shall we(start) our lesson now?

8.Ben an Benny are good at (skate).


( ) 1 当你想知道别人通常在周末干什么时,问:

A.What’s you usually do at weekend?

B. What does you usually do at weekend?

C. What do you usually do at weekend?

( ) 2 当你想知道计算器是谁送的时,问:

A. Who is the teapot from? B. Who is the skateboard from?

C. Who is the calculator from ?

( ) 3 当你想告诉别人你不会游泳时,你会说:

A. I don’t swim. B. I can’t swim. C. I don’t like to swim.

( ) 4 当你想知道对方的爸爸是做什么的,问:

A. Who is your father? B. What is your father’s job?

C.What does your father like?

( ) 5当你想知道这些苹果多少钱时,问:


A. How much are these apples? B. How much are these apple?.

C. How many apples are there?


A: Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the ? B:Go along this , and then turn crossing. It’s on your ,

A: is it from here?

B: About two kilometers A: Thanks a lot.

B: You’re .

七、阅读理解。对的打“T”错的打“F” (5分)

Lu Yu is my best friend. She is twelve years old. We’re the same age. She studies in Class Three, Grade Five. She is short and a little fat. She has small eyes. Maybe she isn’t beautiful, but she studies hard. From Monday to Friday she has many classes. Her favourite subject is Chinese. She likes reading. After school she always goes to read in the library.

( )1.I’m twelve years old.

( )2.Lu Yu is in Class Five, Grade Three.

( )3.Lu Yu is very fat.

( )4.Lu Yu is a nice girl.

( )5.Lu Yu likes Chinese best.





1. there 2. rice 3. get there 4. whose

5. windy 6. stop thief 7. make noise 8. Are you really busy?


1. A: When’s your birthday, Miss Gao? B: Tomorrow is my birthday.

A: Oh, I’ll give a present to you. B: Thank you.

2. A: What are you doing now? B: I’m making a card for Miss Li. Teachers’ Day is coming.

3. A: What are you doing now? B: I’m cleaning the classroom.

A: Can I help you? B: No, thanks.

4. A: What would you like, my dear? B: I’d like some masks.

A: What else do you want? B: A pumpkin, please.

5. A: What date is it today? B: It’s the eighteenth of October.

A: What’s the time? B: It’s three o’clock.

6. A: Look at my new calculator. B: Oh, it’s nice. Who is it from?

A: It’s from my grandfather.


1. I think you’ll get stronger soon.. 2. Which season do you like best?

3. Does your sister dance better than you 4. What’s the date today?

5. Does he come from Africa? 6.When do you usually plant trees every year?


Hello, my name is Peter. I’m from in Londen.I can speak English and .I like traveling. I’d like to .We’re good


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