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Grade_____________ Name______________ Marks_______________





相符合的在该图片下面的括号里打“√”,不符合的打“×”: (10分)

1 三、根据录音内容,在句子的空格中填上单词,将句子补充完整。(每空一词)(10分) 1. My ____________is an ____________. 2. We____________ and____________ on our trip . 3. How __________ you go on your ___________? 4. My uncle ___________in a _________ company. 5. ____________ does the ________ come from ? 四、根据你在录音中听到的问题,将下面每组答句中最合适的答案选出来,并将该答案的字母编号填到题前的括号里。(10分) ( ) 1. A. It’s in Jan.. B. It’s my birthday. C. Thank you. ( ) 2. A. It’s Friday. B. It’s fine . C. It’s April 15th . ( ) 3. A. I go to bed at 9:00. B. I go home at 9:00. C. I go to school at 7:00. ( ) 4. A. It’s fighting. B. They’re fighting. C . They’re fine . ( ) 5. A. No, I don’t . B .No, I am not . C. No, I can’t . 五、听录音,根据录音将下面各图片的顺序重新排列,并将序号填写在括号里。(10分)



( going do did swim swimming go went Sunday shorter friends were younger thinner older are )

Mike and John are good _________. Mike is 164 cm tall. He is 4 cm _________than John and_________. John is 14. Mike is only 12. Mike is _________than him. Usually they ______ homework together on Sundays. Last __________ they _________hiking and _________. They________ happy . Next weekend , they’re ___________to the zoo .


1. What day is it today ?


2. How do you go to Australia?


3. Where does the rain come from?


4. Does Bill teach English?


5. What did Amy do on her holiday?



女孩,他们在干什么,他们的心情如何,天气情况如何。(10分) _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________

___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________



Dick: Hello, John .______________________________________? John: I visited Mike yesterday.

Dick: _________________________________________________? John: Because it was his birthday yesterday. Dick: Did you have a birthday party together? John: Yes,________________________.

Dick: _________________________________________________? John: There were sixteen students at the party. Dick: Were Mike’s parents at home? John: No,________________________.



Our country is very big. The weather in the north is different from the south. The weather in the east is different from the west. In Heilongjiang, it’s very cold in winter. In Hainan, it’s warm in winter. We have many rainy days in the east of our country. But, it seldom(少的) rains in the west of our country.

If you want to take a trip you must pay attention to (注意) the weather report.

( ) 1. The weather in the north and the south are the same.

( ) 2. It’s cold in Heilongjiang in winter.

( ) 3. In winter, Hainan is very cold, too.

( ) 4. It often rains in the west of our country, and seldom rains in the

east of our country.

( ) 5. We don’t need to pay attention to weather report when we take a


3 3

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