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一、 写出下列单词的适当形式(10%)

1.buy(过去式 )_____ 2.stop(过去式 )_______

3.play (现在分词 )_______ 4.give(过去式) ________

5.watch (过去式 ) _____ 6.went( 原形 ) _________

7.photo( 复数 )________ 8.eat ( 过去式 )________

9.win (过去式 ) ______ 10.is (过去式 )_________

二、 英汉互译(10%)

1.打棒球 6. take….into

2.给我买枝钢笔 7. buy some flowers for my mum

3.棒球队 8.about space travel

4.汤姆的小弟弟 9.put….. in

5.在自行车上 10.buy me a bicycle

三、 单项选择 。把最佳答案的编号写在括号内。(20分)

1. were you born ? I was born May 5th ,2ooo .

A When, on B Where , in C What , in D How, on

2. My aunt lives on ninth floor of that building .

A a B an C the D this

3.Their house is much bigger than .

A we B us C our D ours

she ?

A isn’t B don’t C won’t D doesn’t

5. I think that tower is building in our city .

A tall B the tallest C tall D tallest

have a yellow dress, and I don’t have one, .

A am not ,too B don’t , too C doesn’t , either D don’t , either

7. do you surf the Net ? Three a week .

A How soon, time B How often , times

C How long , times D How many , sometimes

8. You look beautiful today ! .

A No , I am not . B Sure C Of course D Thank you

9. Would you like juice ? Yes ,please .

A a lot B any C some D many

10. Tony put his bag on the table and out .

A go B goes C going D went


1. Don’t w________, I’ll help you to find her.


2. The swimming pool is 50 m______ long.

3.Ben , are you s _________ watching TV now?

4. Of all subjects, I like English b_______.

5. Dr Sun Yatsen is so i_________ to modern China.

6. Today is Women’s Day, tomorrow is the n_______ of M_______.

7. This cup is full, but that cup is e_________.

8. Guangzhou is in the S______ of China.

9. A________ 5 hours hard work, he felt tired and hungry.


1. When Li Ming got off the train, he saw seven women ___(stand) around the ambulance.

2. I could ____(hard) sleep last evening. It was too noisy outside.

3. It was difficult ____ (find ) the key because the room was dark.

4.I brush my teeth ____ (two)a day.

5.He likes ______(practise)the violin for an hour

6.There are a lot of ____(visit)going to Guangzhou everyday.

7.There are eight ____ (wolf) in the picture.

8.Jim, ____ (not walk) on the grass.

9.The weather is getting ____ and ____ (bad).

10.No ____ (fish) there.


1.Tom always goes to school on foot. (改成同义句)

Tom always _____________ ______________ ______________. 就划线部分提问)

_____________ _____________ _____________ your mother ____________ ________________ to England?

3. Miss Li thought that was a good idea. (改成一般现在时的句子)

Miss Li ______________ that ______________ a good idea. 就划线部分提问)

__________ ____________ ____________ he ___________ back?

5. I like swimming. Tony doesn’t like swimming. (连成一个句子)

I like swimming ______________Tony doesn’t like swimming.



The Spring Festival(春节)is our Chinese people’s festival. There are different names for each year. We all call it the year of monkey, the year of dog… and this year is the year of Mouse. Before the day of the festival, people are busy shopping and cleaning. On the Eve(除夕), there is a big family dinner. After dinner, all the family stay up late(守夜) to welcome the new year. In the middle of the night, we have some dumplings(饺子) and watch 2

TV. On the first day of the New Year, people wear new clothes to visit their relatives and say “Happy New Year” to each other.

( different names for Chinese years.

A. 10 B. 11 C. 12

( ) 2. When is the Eve in Chinese year?

A. The evening of the Spring Festival.

B. The evening before the Spring Festival.

C. The evening after the Spring Festival.

( ) 3. People before the Spring Festival.

A. sing and dance B. go shopping and clean the house C. play games

( ) 4. A. Cakes B. Dumplings C. Noodles

( ) 5. On the festival people usually A. wear new clothes B. go to visit their relatives C. A and B


My friend Li Hongbin is eighteen years old. He is both a factory worker and a football player.

He plays for the Panda's. He's 1.85 m and 80 kilos. Every weekday he works at his toy factory from eight to twelve in the morning and one to five in the afternoon. After that he plays football with his friends. On Saturday or Sunday he often has matches. Everyone in his factory knows he is a good worker and a good football player. In the evening he often listens to the radio and learns English. Sometimes he works on computer. He likes his job at the factory and he also wants to play for his city football team.

( )6.Li Hongbin is .

A. a factory worker B. student

C. a basketball player D. A, Band C

( ) 7. Li Hongbin looks

A. tall B. thin C. short D little

( ) 8. Li Hongbin works at the factory for hours on weekdays.

A .six B. seven C. nine D. eight

( ) 9. Li Hongbin often A. watches TV B. works at the factory

C. plays football games. D. goes to school

( ) 10.Which of these is right?

A. Li Hongbin learns English at school.

B. Li Hongbin learns English from TV.

C. Li Hongbin learns English from the radio.

D. Li Hongbin learns English from his friends.



There are about 3000 kinds of snakes in the world. They live in many places in the world .But there aren't any snakes in the Antarctic, New Zealand, Ireland or Iceland.

Snakes have no legs, but they can "walk" very fast. They can swim and climb trees. Some of them even(甚至)"fly".

The longest snakes can be 10 meters, but the smallest ones are only about 23cm long. Snakes are meat-eaters. They can eat big animals, such as(比如)pigs or sheep. Some snakes are very dangerous. Many of them kill people and animals. But we shouldn't eat snakes, because they can make us ill.

Some people like snakes a lot. They keep snakes as their pets and some even sleep with them.

( ) 11. How many kinds of snakes are there in the world?

A. There are about three hundred.

B. There are about three thousand.

C. There are about three million.

( ) 12.Do snakes have legs?

A. Yes, they do.

B. No, they don't.

C. Some do and some don't.

( ) 13.How long can the longest snake be?

A. About 10 meters.

B. About 10 kilometers.

C. About 23 meters.

( ) 14.What's the Chinese for "meat-eater"?

A. 素食者

B. 肉食者

C. 比较能吃的

( ) 15.Which is the best title(题目)of this short passage?

A. Snakes Can Be Pets

B. Snakes

C. We Like Pets


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