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不断总结,你会做得更好!Come on!

五精英语1-3讲错题集锦 【错题回顾】


( ) 1. My mother begins dinner for us.

A. cook B. cooking C. cooks D. to cook

( ) 2. Miss Zhang teaches A. our B. us C. I D. ours

( ) 3. --- ---Once a month.

A. How long B. How much

C. When D. How often

( ) 4. There A. be B. is C. aren’t D. isn’t

( ) 5. Susan can’t this afternoon.

A. swims B. go swimming

C. to swim D. swimming

( ) Lily’s parents busy? --- Yes, A. Is, she is B. Are, some

C. Are, any D. Are, they are

( ) 7. A. Are, come from B. Do, from

C. Are, from D. Is, from

( ) 8. Can you A. rides B. go ride C. riding D. ride

( ) 9. --- ---For two days.

A. How often B. How long C. How D. When


10. Kangaroos can jump very high. (改为一般疑问句,并作肯定回答) Kangaroos very high? Yes, .

11. We are in our classroom now.(改为一般疑问句,并作否定回答) in classroom now? No, .

1 by Miss姚(卓越教育)

不断总结,你会做得更好!Come on!


12. He will (wash) his car tomorrow.


( ( 首字母填空:

16. She has no money to go to school. So she t herself(自学)at home. 改错: ( )




( ) 1. Don’t ’t A. worry, worried B. worry, be worried

C. worrying, be worried D. worried, worry

( ) 2. Your idea sounds A. good B. well C. nicely D. badly

( ) 3. My father will finish A. read B. to read C. reading D. to reading

( ) 4. He ’d better a rest now.

A. look, have B. looks, has

C. looks, have D. look, has

( ) 5. Let’s with your father.

A. go fish B. going fishing

C. go fishing D. going to fish

( ) 6. My sister’s dress is on the bed. is on the floor.

A. Mine B. I C. My D. Me

( ) 7. The room is very dark. Please A. put out B. look after C. turn on D. take off

( ) 8. The lady English very well.

A. with, speaks B. has, speaks

C. has, speak D. with, speak

2 by Miss姚(卓越教育)

不断总结,你会做得更好!Come on!

( ) 9. ---What’s the time your watch?

--- It’s 7:30. It’s time go to school.

A. by, in B. with, to C. by, to D. with, for

( ) 10. He shouldn’t for school every day.

A. late B. are late C. be late D. is late

( ) 11. His face his face at once.

A. looks, washes B. look, wash

C. looks, wash D. look, washes


12. Mike with his friends (garden) three times a week.

13. Lily can (help) her parents 14. Robot and his brother (walk) to school every day.

15. Look, the children


( 首字母填空:

about her little sister.

18. Let’.

a butterfly in the garden now.



( ) 1. It’s cold outside, you should A. wear B. put on C. get dressed D. in

( ) 2. He often A. gets dressed B. puts on C. in D. wears

( ) 3. The girl red is my classmate.

A. get dressed B. in C. wearing D. puts on

( ) 4. There A. is much B. are many C. are much D. is many

( ) 5. I see much on the table.

A. pears B. plates C. broccoli D. glasses

( ) 6. My mother begins dinner for us.

A. cook B. cooking C. cooks D. to cook

3 by Miss姚(卓越教育)

不断总结,你会做得更好!Come on!

( ) 7. He often his homework on weekends.

A. study, finish B. studying, finished

C. studies, finishing D. studying, finishing

( ) 8. It’s ’t feel very A. good, good B. good, well

C. well, good D. fine, well

( ) . I don’late for school.

A. quick, / B. quickly, be C. quickly, is D. quick, be

( ) 10. Cindy is A. getting dressed B. in C. wear D. put on

( ) 11. A. Are B. Is C. Do D. Does

( ) feel well today. She ill.

A. doesn’t, is B. isn’t, is

C. don’t, feels D. isn’t, feels

( ) 13. Betty swimming, but she A. like, do B. B. likes, does

C. likes, don’t D. likes, doesn’t

( ) 14. Would you like with me?

A. to go B. going C. go D. goes

( ) 15. There is water in the bottle.

A. many B. much C. lots D. a plenty of

( ) apples and bananas in the market.

A. lots of B. a lot C. any D. much


17. Does he go to bed early? (改为肯定句)

to bed early.

18. She wants some money. (改为否定句)


19. He always goes to work by bus. (改为否定句)

He to work by bus.

4 by Miss姚(卓越教育)

不断总结,你会做得更好!Come on!


( ) ( ) ( ) 用词的适当形式填空:

23. The Chinese people hard to their country stronger and more beautiful.

24. There 25. Mr Lee about his son’s study, because all the


26. One of the best students of Class One (have) a meeting with me every afternoon.

27. Friendship

28. After eating the meal, his family 29. The police (have) a meeting every day.

5 by Miss姚(卓越教育)

不断总结,你会做得更好!Come on!


Lesson 1

1-5 DBDDB 6-9 DCDB

10. Can, jump, they can 11. Are you, your, we are

12. wash 13-14 BB 15. tired 16. teaches

17. B , to learn

Lesson 2


12. does, gardening 13. help, clean 14. walk 15. are swimming

16. D 17. worries 18. together 19. catching

Lesson 3

1-5 BDBBC 6-10 DCDBB 11-16 CADACA

17. He goes 18. doesn’t want any 19. doesn’t always go 20-22 CAB 23. work, make 24. is, read 25. worries, plays

26. has 27. is, needs 28. don’t feel 29. have

6 by Miss姚(卓越教育)

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