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1.Sandy likes playing _______ chess, while her brother is interested in playing ______violin.

A. the, / B. /, the C. /, / D. the; the

2. —We never doubt _______ “Food Safety” can receive thousands of Internet hits a day.

—I agree. It has become one of the hottest topics recently.

A. that B. if C. whether D. what

3. — My mother doesn’t like going shopping in Hong Kong at all.

—Well, shopping there isn’t liked by .

A. anyone B. nobody C. everybody D. somebody

4. Mr. Su’s robot has caught a virus. He’s complaining _____ the shop______ the robot.

A.about, about B.about, to C.to, to D.to, about

5. —Excuse me. Would you please the total cost of the trip?

— All right. I will make it at once.

A. give out B. look out C. take out D. work out

6. —I can’t afford the white dress. Can you show me another one?

— A. lower B. higher C. cheaper D. more expensive

we completely change the way we live.

A. but B. though C. until D. unless

8.—How about watching the bird show this afternoon?

A. Sounds great B. Best wishes C. Good luck D. That’s right

A. two-thirds, 1970 B. two-thirds, 1970s C. two-third, 1970 D. two-third, 1970s

talk with each other face to face.

A. prefer, to B. would rather, than C. like, better than D. prefer, than

11. —I didn’t know this was a one-way street, sir. —

A. That’s all right B. How dare you say that?

C. I don’t believe it D. Sorry, but there is no excuse

12.—I have to leave now. —you could stay for dinner with us tonight.

A. think B. thought C. have thought D. am thinking

13. ―Excuse me, ______ is it from here to the station?

―It’s about twenty minutes by underground.

A. how long B. how often C. how far D. how soon

14. —Your brother often disagrees with you, he?

— we often have different opinions.

A. doesn’t ,Yes B. does, Yes C. does, No D. doesn’t, No

15. Kate isn’t sure.

A. that she should go through the third gate

B. if should she go through the third gate or not

C. which gate should she go through D. which gate she should go through

16.—Don’t , my children. Keep working hard and you will win the match.


—Thank you, Mr. Zhang. We’ll try our best.

A. put up B. call up C. set up D. give up

17. — When did Prince William and Kate get married? — They _____ for about two years.

A. have married B. have been married C. got married D. have got married

18. In some cities, something _____to stop the sale of live poultry(活禽)during the past weeks.

A.will do B. have done C. will be done D. has been done

19 Mike _________ English, but now he is better at it than _________ in his class.

A. is used to hate; any student B. used to hate; any other student

C. is used to hating; all the other students D. used to hate; all the students

20. How terrible! I just wonder _________.

A. whose the rubbish belongs to B. who the rubbish belongs to

C. whose does the rubbish belong to D. who does the rubbish belong to


The Catherine family enjoyed the good things in life as much as anyone else. They games, books, music, toys, good food and good drinks. But sometimes seemed, especially to Mrs. Catherine ,that they had too many things in the house, which made Mrs. Catherine a little One day, at breakfast, Mrs. Catherine made a(n)many things. It's time to deal with some of them ” . The three children all helped pack used things and unused things and put them into their car.

out their puzzles to the older and played with them. They had a time but they were sorry when it was time to leave.

Their next stop was the Young Cubs Hospital. The Catherine family brought a lot of used toys which were very welcome. The hospital workers said the toys would be given out at the hospital party.

Their last stop was People Who Care store, which was a store that sold things to money for those who needed warm clothes and good food. The Catherine family placed all their old clothes and furniture there.

After that, the Catherine family drove along, they passed the lighted of supermarkets which were beautifully decorated for Christmas. But the family were so filled with special thoughts about helping others that they 1. A. read B. played C. enjoyed D. had

2. A. this B. they C. it D. that

3. A. happy B. uncomfortable C. satisfied D. pleased

4. A. report B. reply C. mistake D. decision

5. A. did B. agreed C. argued D. dealt

6. A. home B. thing C. stop D. person

7. A. bored B. surprised C. excited D. relaxed

8. A. took B. sold C. found D. put

9. A. wonderful B. bad C. sad D. terrible

10. A. Thanksgiving B. Halloween C. Christmas D. Eastern

11. A. borrow B. pay C. waste D. raise


12. A. left B. walked C. rode D. drove

13. A. Though B. As C. Since D. Before

14. A. rooms B. houses C. doors D. windows

15. A. nearly B. hardly C. closely D. immediately

三、阅读理解 As big cars cause many problems, such as pollution, shortage of parking space and heavy traffic, scientists are now trying to design some small cars to replace today’s big cars. If more people begin to drive such cars in the future, there will be less air pollution. There will also be more space for parking cars in cities, and the streets will be less crowded. Three such cars can fit in the space that is now needed for one car of the common size. To the drivers, the small cars will cost much less to own and to drive. Driving will be safer as these cars can go only 60 kilometres per hour.

The cars in the future will be fine for driving around the cities. Cars will be controlled by computers. People have everything in the cars.

One of the most convenient(方便的) things is shopping. Just ordering things through the Internet, the computer in the car will be able to arrange a route for you to get those things and pay for them. And Just after a good sleep, you will find out that things have been already stored in the car.

The rubbish in the car will be kept. When it comes to full, the car will get rid of them at certain recycling stations(回收站). However, this kind of cars will not be suitable for long trips, because these cars by petrol(汽油than the cars nowadays.

A. bigger B. lighter C. smaller D. nicer

2. How many problems do the big cars cause at least according to this passage?

A. None B. One C. Five D. Three

3. How fast can the small cars in the future run?

A. 100km/h B. 60 km/h C. 450 km/h D. 80 km/h

4. What’s the Chinese meaning of the underlined word “refilling”?

A. 维修 B. 休整 C. 加油 D. 复新

5. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

A. If we drive small cars, there will be less air pollution in the cities.

B. Cars in the future will be controlled by computers.

C. One of the most convenient things of the small cars is shopping

D. You can do everything in your car without the computer.


1. Look! They are watching the film Lost in Thailand with ________(excite) on the Internet.

2. My father’s __________ (forty)birthday happens to be on Father’s Day.

3. The Internet is __________ (wide)used in most families in our country today.

4. It will make you feel much____________ (good)if you take this medicine.

5.Forests __________ (destroy)to build roads in the past. Now they have stopped doing so.

6.It’s said that 32 people ____________(die) from H7N9 so far.

7. — Why did you fall down on the bus?

—Just now when I wanted to get off the bus, the man next to me ______(sit) on my coat.

8. We enjoyed ________ (us)trip to the Statue of Liberty very much. What great fun we had!


out of Earth to Mars.

(hope) to get into the park. Let’s go back home.

12. The youth worker’s job is(help) the teenagers solve the problems.

13. The balloon won’t fly away if it14.——What a clever boy!


When you’re busy or stressed, don’t forget your h_1__, such as listening to m__2__, reading and playing ball games. If eating makes you feel b__3__, you can go to your favourite restaurant to have a delicious meal.

Parents may not think that it is useful to w_4__ TV. However, if you are worried a_5__ your English and don’t know how to i__6__ it, why not watch some English TV programmes? If you’re feeling bad about your weight and don’t k__7__ what to do, why not go walking or j_8_? Finally, trying to keep your worries to yourself can make them worse. I like to s__9_ my problems with my friends. They always give me useful advice. If you don’t know who to talk to, you can always write to me. You’re never a__10__.Many people are kind to help you.




1.excitement 2.fortieth 3.widely 4.better 5.were destroyed 6. have died 7.was sitting 8.our

9. disadvantages 10. reading 11. hopeless 12. to help 13. is tied 14. easily 15.nodded

1.hobbies 2. music 3.better 4. watch 5. about

6.improve 7. know 8.jogging 9. share 10.alone


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