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1 Unit 5 How old are you第一教时

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Unit 5 How old are you?

Story Time第一教时


1. 能初步感知、体验单词lovely, nine, eight, our, five, six, seven, ten,并理解单词的意思

2. 能在情境中感知如何谈论年龄,能初步听懂、会说、会读句型日常交际用语:How old are you? I’m … . How lovely! Here you are.

3. 能正确地理解并朗读对话内容,在教师的引导和帮助下尝试复述、表演课文。

4. 能初步运用本课所学的词汇和句型 ,询问年龄。


. 能在情境中感知如何谈论年龄,能初步听懂、会说、会读句型日常交际用语:How old are you? I’m … . How lovely! Here you are.

2. 能正确地理解并朗读对话内容,在教师的引导和帮助下尝试复述、表演课文。






Step 1. Greeting and warm up

T: …, please close the door.

…, please close the window.

T: Good morning/afternoon, boys and girls.

Ss: Good morning/afternoon, Miss Cui.

T: …, can you count from one to ten? 学生试着说。

What’s this number? (呈现数字8)

Ss: Eight. (T教eight,以同样的方法教nine,ten)

Step 2.Presentation and practice .

T:(出示Mike, Helen, Tim的图片)Look, this is Mike.

Mike is nine. And how old are you?

Ss: I’m eight/nine /ten .


T: Good. Helen is Mike’s sister.

And how old is Helen? Guess!

(引导学生猜测Helen的年龄)She’s … .

Step 3. Learn to say .

出示图片T:This is a museum. Mike and his family are in a museum. What can you see?

Ss: Toys.

T: Yes, and what are they going to do ?

Let’s have a look.

1. 观看动画,整体感知课文:Do they see toys in the museum?

How do they feel?

Find the sentence: Look!How lovely!

2. 提出问题,让学生带着问题再听一遍录音:

How old is Mike? How old is Helen?

How old is Tim?

学生操练:How old are you ? I’m nine/eight/two.

3. 仔细读课文,找出: What is for Mike/Helen/Tim? 并找出工作人员将玩具给小朋


出图片3 :This is for you. Thank you.

出图片4 :Here you are . Thank you.

4.Read after the tape.逐句跟读,注意语音语调。

Read together. 注意人物的表情和动作。

Read in roles.让学生自己去读,感受语音语调,鼓励学生加入自己的感情动作来表演对话。

Act in roles. 4人小组进行表演。

Step 4 Consolidation

Make a dialogue.


T:Now I’m the worker at the Toy Museum. Look at the toys .

Ss: How lovely!

T: Hello! How old are you?

S: I’m … .

T: This …is for you./Here you are.



1. Read the dialogues after the tape and imitate the pronunciation.

2. Read and recite Story time.


Unit 5 How old are you?

A: How old are you?

B: I’m … . 人物图片 年龄 礼物 A: This is for you./Here you are.

B: Thank you. /How lovely!


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