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Unit Four At the farm
Part A Let’s talk and let’s play


There are many animals on the farm.who are they?

Let’s listen!

Welcome to my farm

There are more and more animals 、vegetables and fruites .I am busy. help!

Job Notice
I need some part-time workers (暑假工) . The summer holiday (暑假) is coming, can you help me? 报酬:包吃包住,待遇优厚。 期待你的加入! Macdonald 2014.4.14

由于我狠忙,所以我就委托Miss Wang 代替我招聘。

See you !

Task 1 ——
Meeting the vegetables and fruites

T:What’s this? S:It’s a/an ….

Guess and Guess 猜一猜(Let’s paly)

T:What are these? S:They’re….

Who? Where? What are they talking about?

boys PK girls
? ? ? ? ? 朗读课文 1、自读课文2遍; 2、组内分角色并互换朗读尽可能的背诵。 注:小组内男生女生合作中选出PK王 尽量脱离书本有感情有动作有画面的演 绎A部分的Let’s talk

C 1、They are ______. A、potato B、potatos C、potatoes 2、—What are these? B —_____are tomatoes. A、There B、They C、It’s 3、—Are these apples? C ——No,_________. A、these aren’t B、they are C、they aren’t

goats cows horses dogs

单 词: sheeps
Carrots potatoes tomatoes

句 型: What are these?

They are …


1、Read P38。读背38页所学内容。 2、设计自己的农场,在小组里介绍一下。

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