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U5 How old are you story time

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Unit 5 How old are you?

Clap your hands and sing! 拍拍手唱唱歌! Number song 数字歌

看到单词大声说 看到图片请拍手

doll robot t oy three How nice! one This beautiful! is for you. two pencil birthday Here you are. This is for you! schoolbag here a cake Happy birthday!

What's this?


birthday cake

Pair work: How old are you? 你多少岁? I'm ten. ... I'm nine.
我十岁。 我九岁。 九

What gift do you want? 你 想要 什么生日礼物呢?

Toy Museum 玩具博物馆

Welcome to Toy Museum! 欢迎来到玩具博物馆!
toy museum 博物馆

Ages: 2-5 (年龄)

Ages: 6-10

Someone are in the Toy Museum too, who are they?谁也在玩具博物馆呢?

Watch the cartoon, and tell me: 看动画,回答: Who are in the toy museum? 谁在玩具博物馆?

仔细阅读课文,找出Mike, Hellen 和Tim 的 年龄,并且把相关句子划下来 同桌之间互相问答

I'm nine.

I'm eight. 八

I'm two.

四人一组分角色朗读 四人一组齐读课文

四人一组分角色 表演课文

假设你举办一场生日派对, 你以及你的朋友们会说些 什么呢?2-3人一组编对话 你可能用到下列句子...... Happy birthday! This ... is for you. How old are you? I'm ...

How nice!/ How beautiful!/ How lovely!



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